Friday, May 25, 2007 HACKED: Returns After Month Hiatus

TORONTO, Canada - cK dumps Virtualave server after 8 year relationship and moves to new hosting company after fradulent attack on website.

On April 19, cK was notified that his website, was conducting a phishing attack on Desjardins Bank. The web admin security for Desjardins contacted cK and his web host ( regarding this matter. cK's site has been infiltrated and some person put a program that was phishing from his website's server. Virtualave immediately shut down and all FTP access to his site. cK contacted Virtualave and they decided to reset the password, thinking maybe someone figured out the password to have access to his server. Within a week, the site was still phishing Desjardins Bank. The web admin security for Desjardins contacted cK directly regarding this matter in the following email:

My name is Dylan Sachs and I work for BrandProtect, an online brand protection company. I am contacting you on behalf of Desjardins Bank who is experiencing a phishing attack that is being perpetrated by a website which lists you as a contact person.

We would appreciate any assistance you can give in having this fraudulent content removed.

Suspect URL:

After this second attack - Virtualave shut down indefinitely. They refunded cK the amount they charged for the year and requested him to start a new account with them.

cK took some time to think about this. He had been with virtualave since they were a free server back in 1999, and stuck with them when they moved to be a pay service. His plan was $69.95 for the year PLUS an additional $5 every month he had a database set up which cost him a total of $130 -- for a 250 MB account that limited to 2.0 GB bandwidth each month.

cK's friend, N8 DOGG kept advising him to leave virtualave and move over to WebHost4Life -- a better company for your money that he personally uses. The offer that WebHost4Life had was much more attractive -- $59.40/yr TOTAL for 1000 MB and unlimited bandwidth! Sounds too good to be true? They even backed up their superb service claim with a 30 day money back guarantee!

This was an easy choice for as he waived goodbye to Virtualave and hello to WebHost4Life!
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