BRAMPTON, Ontario - At a gala that consisted of the "Who's Who" of community safety in the Region of Peel, CK was honoured by receiving a Neighbourhood Safety Award along with his peers of the "Queen Kennedy Neighbourhood Team".
   08.11.2012 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - Internet traffic analyst has stated that is ranked as no. 73,666 of websites in Canada and no. 2,404,169 on the entire internet.
   01.03.2011 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - After rifling through old hard drives and 3.25 inch floppy disks, the website prior to known as 'Kelvin Designs" was recently uncovered.
   12.02.2011 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, ON. ? Thanks to a strong outcry from the media and supporters, CKLN Radio has been granted a stay of the CRTC?s Decision 2011-56, released January 28th, 2011. This decision revoked CKLN?s broadcast license and would have had the radio station go off-air February 12th, 2011.
   11.02.2011 NEWS Read More

OTTAWA, Ontario - The CRTC made a statement today that CKLN-FM 88.1FM in Toronto will cease broadcasting after February 12, 2011. After being a pioneer in community radio since 1983, CKLN's appeal to renew their license has been denied.
   28.01.2011 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - CrazyKelvin will be appearing at the exclusive Maharaja Exhibit going on at the Art Gallery of Ontario to give insight and information on one of the world's more rarest cars: A 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II, named "The Star of India".
   21.11.2010 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - We broke it to you first when CK NEWS investigative reporters clued on on a possible romance back in September, then again in November when they hinted at something more on their facebook pages... now they made it official that after 8 months of dating, they are getting married!
   30.03.2010 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario- It took him long enough, but N8 Dogg finally confirmed his romance with Shelley this week on his facebook page.
   26.11.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - Another vehicle that has carried one of the main members of the nWo Toronto Franchise for many years, has ceased to be, as multiple mechanical problems sealed its fate earlier last week.
   24.11.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - After the majority of the industrialized world got their at-home internet access about a decade ago, The Big Black Machine finally decided to join them a decade later by getting his internet installed this week.
   04.11.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - After a hiatus, management complications and schedule conflicts, it appears that cK will return to hosting 'Catch Da Flava' Radio on 88.1FM. CrazyKelvin re-signed a contract this afternoon marking his official return to the radio show that he first appeared on back in 1999.
   04.10.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - Since 1999, has been reporting the fun and adventurous life guessed it, "Crazy" Kelvin. Today, we celebrate this online milestone.
   23.09.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - You heard it here first, when CKNEWS was breaking the story of a possible romance between two friends of cK not too long ago. Well, it was finally confirmed by the couple over an instant message conference this week.
   22.09.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - There is plenty love in the CK Universe air, as summer of '09 brought many romances to fruition. CK's Los Angeles roomate proposed to his long time girlfriend, announcing that a wedding is soon coming, and back in Toronto, two longtime CK friends are rumoured to be dating!
   08.09.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - It was a moment in history for the AGO. A place that has been an institution for Canadian art since 1900. On August 12th, CrazyKelvin debuted his art installation in the inTENsion exhibit with a huge turnout and reception.
   13.08.2009 NEWS Read More

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - CrazyKelvin mourns the tragic passing of his aunt Karen Blanchard, who lost her life in a tragic automobile accident on July 24, 2009.
   28.07.2009 NEWS Read More

CLEVELAND, Ohio - cK compadre, N8 Dogg, will be inserted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in June 2008.
   14.07.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - cK met with the 'MMT Agency' at their downtown Toronto location and was signed to an extensive contract for talent representation.
   09.07.2009 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - CrazyKelvin and the Tazemaster got their 2009 Canada's Wonderland Season Pass yesterday afternoon and kicked off the season getting on a few rides.
   11.05.2009 NEWS Read More

BRAMPTON, Ontario - CKNEWS has learned that the official party venue for nWo Toronto has acquired a Nintendo Wii system.
   02.12.2008 NEWS Read More

BRAMPTON, Ontario - On a clear and warm November evening as cK was going out for his nightly bike ride, he captured the site of a beautiful shooting star lighting up the dark sky.
   06.11.2008 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - Some say that bad things happen in threes, and that could be why October is possibly the worst month of back-to-back incidents for cK, ever!
   30.10.2008 NEWS Read More

CONCORD, Ontario - Just days after a senseless crime took place leaving shards of glass all over cK's prize ride, the nWo-3 is back on the road thanks to the friendly guys at Auto Glass Magic.
   18.10.2008 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - In addition to the string of bad luck cK has been having recently, his showcase ride, the nWo-4 was broken into during broad daylight.
   16.10.2008 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - CKNEWS has been informed that the one and only CrazyKelvin, will be featured at the Art Gallery of Ontario during an exhibition in 2009.
   14.10.2008 NEWS Read More

WASHINGTON, DC - CKNEWS has acquired news footage from our Washington affiliate, News Channel 3 with a story that CrazyKelvin may indeed be joining the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election!
   08.10.2008 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - The recent separation between cK's heart-throb, "Miss D." has invigorated CrazyKelvin to do a complete restructure of this Mind, Body and Soul. Comparable to an Olympic athlete's training regimen, cK is gearing up to get to an optimal status by doing his own personal renovation.
   02.10.2008 NEWS Read More

ORLANDO, Florida - CK News has learned that the original nWo Tdot vehicle has been involved in a collision, rendering the car a write-off. Although the car is no longer part of the regular nWo Toronto lineup, it was still a pioneer in bringing the members together.
   16.06.2008 NEWS Read More

QUEENS, New York - Toronto based Mahadeo Media has announced a partnership with New York based Navin Designs.
   07.03.2008 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario- In what was to be a quiet birthday with cK and his friends, turned out to be a secret mission to blindfold him, and take him to an undisclosed location.
   26.02.2008 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - The annual Wrestlemania party that takes place at cK's Crazy House may not happen this year due to an invitation to attend the actual event in Orlando, Florida.
   20.02.2008 NEWS Read More

PICKERING, Ontario - cK and his beau, Miss D went to meet n8 Dogg and others when security turned them away and other patrons leaving them to stand in the zero degree weather outside.
   12.11.2007 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - It is official, cK accepted the challenge from "RKO" Justin in a first ever "Title-For-Title" match.
   16.08.2007 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Ontario - After years of being known as the "Drunken Rass", n8 Dogg has vowed to cut down on binge drinking and lowering his alcohol intake to casual social drinks.
   13.08.2007 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - cK's pal, "THE IQ" was the eyewitness to see the sold out show at the Air Canada Centre.
   19.06.2007 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - cK dumps Virtualave server after 8 year relationship and moves to new hosting company after fradulent attack on website.
   25.05.2007 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - After half a year of an absence, CrazyKelvin returns to the web, launches new design and promises more updates.
   18.02.2007 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - Almost down to the last minute, Vinh and BoWen make an executive decision to announce that cK will be best man at their wedding in August.
   26.06.2006 NEWS Read More

QUEENS, New York - The neighborhood of Richmond Hill was all abuzz during the celebration party for DJ Navin's graduation. Scores of people turned out for what was one of the best parties of the year.
   26.06.2006 NEWS Read More

LOS ANGELES, California - The famous apartment in West LA that was home to cK, Alex and DJ Fulton will be no more, as everyone will go their seperate ways at the end of June.
   20.06.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - In the long quest to find one of the most prized arcade machines of his life, CrazyKelvin found it, and brought it home to the CrazyHouse!
   17.06.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - In a surprise attack, RICKY G. attacks RAVISHING RON with a sledgehammer inside the 'CrazyHouse'.
   22.04.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - On the nice quiet morning commute, nWo T Dot Member, N8 DOGG was caught in a speed trap doing 83 clicks in a 50 zone.
   12.04.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - The infamous Wrestlemania party at the 'CrazyHouse' was not just full of surprise guests, it also was the perfect event to launch a new title as well as introducing a new member.
   11.04.2006 NEWS Read More

MARKHAM, Ontario - There have been negotiations for a while now and today it was finalized. New York City based ad firm, Azoogle has acquired the services of CrazyKelvin to be a part of their design team.
   03.03.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - This past Sunday, just before the Royal Rumble spectacular at the "Crazy House", the nWo TDot member - the ALMIGHTY BLACK SWAN made his return!
   03.02.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - This coming Sunday, the elite members of the nWo TDot reunite for the first time in 5 years.
   24.01.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada, - Nadia Dawn, host of HBO TV's "SuperModel Showdown" as well as "Where's The Party At?" could be a guest on an upcoming cK Radio Show.
   16.01.2006 NEWS Read More

TORONTO, Canada - It has just been announced that CrazyKelvin will be having his own prime time radio program on Toronto's 88.1 FM (CKLN).
   14.12.2005 NEWS Read More

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