CrazyKelvin's Favorite Things
(originally created Aug. 1999)

Favorite Food:

Because the world has so much diverse flavors, CrazyKelvin can't decide which food to settle on as his favorite. But he will settle to say that lasanga is one of his main courses.

Favorite Movie:

CrazyKelvin loves action and adventure type movies. Among the top ten,"I'm Gonna Get You Sucka", "Bad Boys", "Armegeddon", and all of the "Star Wars" Movies. But the number one movie is SPACEBALLS. Kelvin loves to watch "TBS 80's NIGHT" where they show movies from the 80's

Favorite Car:
'96 Cadillac Fleetwood or Chevy Impala SS, CrazyKelvin loves those American muscle cars. So why not favor the machine that started it all? Kelvin's dream mode of transportation: A Chevy Corvette.

Favorite City:

Since CrazyKelvin's hometown is Toronto, Canada, that would be his first choice.But what city comes second? Miami, Florida.

Favorite Musician:

CrazyKelvin listens to anything that can be danced to. Such as dancehall reggae, pop, r&b dance, trance, techno, calyspo, etc.. But his favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson.