Sunday, February 18, 2007

CrazyKelvin Returns, Explains Absence

TORONTO, Canada - After half a year of an absence, CrazyKelvin returns to the web, launches new design and promises more updates.

CKNEWS was on the scene for this breaking story as it happened on Sunday afternoon quietly without any press releases., the website that has documented the adventures of "CK" and his friends from the world over, suddenly came to an abrupt stop in updates in August. We went to the very source of why this happened to the man himself, Mr. CrazyKelvin.

We wanted to know what exactly happened and asked why did the updates stop? "It's pretty simple", said cK, "I got real busy. With my job and my girlfriend, it is really hard to balance all of them. When I come home, I just want to sleep." We asked him how will he balance his life and, does that also mean that all the Crazy Adventures have stopped since August? "No, not at all! I have been on a lot of amazing adventures", said cK, "I went to Paris, France.. TWICE! I have lots of adventures with my girlfriend and then there are the moments with nWo Toronto -- I have so much to catch up on!"

Indeed he does. We also asked him about the new direction of the website and how long has it been since it was redesigned? "This new design is a break from the last one that I designed back in 2004 when I was living in Los Angeles. I am no longer there and I'm here in Toronto! I had to create something that had a little bit of a Canadian vibe. I wanted to move in a direction that the site was more than just my adventures and web portfolio. It was about my tv appearances and my radio show archives. All of that is very important to me and make up CrazyKelvin.

That, they certainly do. CrazyKelvin has been on the web since 1999. First starting as an online web portfolio, then slowly graduating into a blog site before there were such things at "blogs". is ranked as number 2,847,064 by Alexa on the entire world wide web.
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