Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Finally, "The IQ" Comes Back To The CrazyHouse

TORONTO, Canada - The infamous Wrestlemania party at the 'CrazyHouse' was not just full of surprise guests, it also was the perfect event to launch a new title as well as introducing a new member.

Simply known as, "THE IQ", he came to see what really goes on in the recreational house of the nWo T Dot. Along with his entrance, he brought a bag of never before seen LAY's CURRY flavoured potato chips.

He instantly achieved legendary status. "The IQ", had some words for his future opponents, whomever they might be:

"If you wanna go one on one with 'The IQ', I'll make you famous!"

As he put out a challenge to anyone within listening distance, The BIG BLACK MACHINE sent him a message by stomping a mud hole in him.

The IQ survived, and vowed for retaliation.

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