Friday, February 03, 2006

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!! Almighty Black Swan Returns!!

TORONTO, Canada - This past Sunday, just before the Royal Rumble spectacular at the "Crazy House", the nWo TDot member - the ALMIGHTY BLACK SWAN made his return!

The Almighty Black Swan made his triumphant return, only to be put down into an ankle lock move by the BIG BLACK MACHINE. As the following video captures, the SWAN sneaks up behind the unsuspecting BIG BLACK MACHINE, who is with N8 DOGG and the RAGING BULL. The group were busy admiring the Wrestlemania Anthology collection above the fireplace.

The Almighty Black Swan pounces on the back of the 300 pound Machine like a jungle cat... and then finds out it wasn't such a smart idea. The 6 foot 1 Almighty Black Swan is dropped into a sidewalk slam which then leaves his feet open, where The Machine grabs his ankle to put on the Ankle-Lock! The Swan immediately taps out, having no choice if he wants to continue his aspiring basketball career.

If you look closely, you can see that Swan is still holding his Corona bottle of beer the entire time! And yes, there is BEER in there!

[ video removed by user ]

Also, just as THE BIG BLACK MACHINE has the SWAN under control --- N8 DOGG attacks with a clothesline armbar! Then, escapes!! Watch the footage yourself to see the action!!

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peeej wrote: That's just like N8 to hit and run!!!
Friday, February 03, 2006
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