Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CrazyKelvin Radio Coming January 2006!

TORONTO, Canada - It has just been announced that CrazyKelvin will be having his own prime time radio program on Toronto's 88.1 FM (CKLN).

Yes, it's true. Starting in January 2006, I will be having a full show all to myself. This won't be the first time my voice has hit the airwaves, I used to host the "RP plus Radio Show" back during 1999-2000. Since coming back to Toronto, there has been some interest in picking up where I left off.

A lot has changed since. There is no more broadcasting from the grungy basement of Ryerson University. There is no more ghetto studio equipment that looks like it was purchased from a garage sale. This time, the facilities are all state of the art and up to date.

Adonis Huggins, co-ordinator at Regent Park Focus Community Coalition was the main producer behind the scenes in my first run as host. Upon coming back to the T Dot, I was in contact with Adonis and he expressed much anticipation to the new show.

Before when I was on the air, I was just -- "Kelvin". This time, when I return, my on-air name will be "CrazyKelvin". My previous show was a talk format based program that invited listeners to call in and voice their opinions and ask questions to whomever my guest was for that episode. The show on January 3rd, might be a call in show since I will have the phone system ready to handle multiple calls.

The other studio, broadcasted directly from Regent Park, does not yet have the phone system to handle over the air. That will be coming in the future.

January 3rd, 2006 at 7:30pm (EST) will be the first show to kick off the new year. Depending on how that show does, this can be a permanent fixture for me and I will be hosting regularly. If you can tune in, please do! If you have any ideas of topics to discuss, send them in and I might address or use them!

Thanks and TUNE IN!!

You can listen to 88.1 FM anywhere in the world via the internet at

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Marlon wrote: Good for you bro. Your finally finding your feet and for that I'm truly happy for you. All the best in '06 and best believe I'll find a way to call in sometime.
Thursday, December 29, 2005
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