Tuesday, March 30, 2010

N8 & Shelley Are Engaged!

TORONTO, Ontario - We broke it to you first when CK NEWS investigative reporters clued on on a possible romance back in September, then again in November when they hinted at something more on their facebook pages... now they made it official that after 8 months of dating, they are getting married!

N8 DOGG Proposes To Shelley, the answer is YESCK NEWS has the late breaking story that is rattling the CrazyKelvin Universe -- N8 Dogg proposed to Shelley and she said YES! In what has been a whirlwind of romance, the two lovebirds made their special announcement to an unsuspecting birthday crowd this past Saturday night. Everyone who came to the birthday party had no prior idea of the big news which was dropped on them when Shelley was about to cut her birthday cake.

Friends, family were all in attendance to witness the announcement, but the actual proposal happened earlier that morning. N8 Dogg shelled out some major bucks to get a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The next order of business that CK NEWS is investigating, is "When is the wedding?" and "When is the Bachelor Party??!". As far as we know, the wedding is scheduled to happen in 2011.

So, on behalf of the CK NEWS TEAM and CRAZYKELVIN.com, we here would like to extend a congratulations to the happy couple and well wishes for a long and prosperous marriage!

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