Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stories That Never Made It: nWo TDOT Vehicle Added To Deceased List

TORONTO, Ontario - Another vehicle that has carried one of the main members of the nWo Toronto Franchise for many years, has ceased to be, as multiple mechanical problems sealed its fate earlier last week.

[ UPDATE: Although this story was written and was ready to go, it was pulled just before press time. The Big Black Machine's vehicle was miraculously fixed for a fraction of the cost after being taken to cK's official mechanic, Frank. If it wasn't for him, the following story would have been published. To clarify, TBBM's vehicle is running strong and is NOT on the deceased list. ]

Big Black Machine's MAXIMA is done!!Earlier last week, CKNEWS got the phone call from The BIG BLACK MACHINE that his '97 Nissan Maxima has ended its service with nWo Toronto after a fun 5 year run. The vehicle is one of many nWo Toronto RIDES that carry an executive member. The main problem that solidified its days were numbered was a faulty water pump and replacement of a timing belt. The total repair of that exceeds the value of the car itself. TBBM does state that there is a possibility that he might repair the Maxima and bring it back onto the road, however his eyes are set on a more fierce monster for his return to the streets. The Dodge Charger. Preferably in a stealthy black in SRT trim. The car would blow the doors off other contenders at the traffic lights and actually fit the persona of the BIG BLACK MACHINE. Will TBBM fix the Max for Winter '09-'10? Or will he be driving the Mighty Dodge in the coming new year?

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