Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Big Black Machine Gets Internet -- At Home!!

TORONTO, Ontario - After the majority of the industrialized world got their at-home internet access about a decade ago, The Big Black Machine finally decided to join them a decade later by getting his internet installed this week.

Big Black Machine Gets Internet -- At Home!!There have been many advancements in technology in our time. The Wheel, the Combustion engine, and the Computer are to name a few. Our society is benefiting from the progressions of these inventions and making them better each day. The computer was invented many decades ago, but did not start entering homes until the late 70's. Even those machines were extremely huge and required big fans to keep their boards cooled. Eventually, computers got smaller and the military technology of the internet was opened to the public and people from all over the world started connecting with each other on a scale like never before. In the 90's, dial-up connections were still a bit of the norm, but more advancements in cable and dsl internet came about and the at-home internet was progressing more. Today, as we move from the twenty-00's decade to the twenty-10's decade, one of the original members of nWo Toronto has finally put in the internet at his home. Yes, The BIG BLACK MACHINE finally joined the technological revolution.

It's not to say that TBBM is not computer savvy, he definitely is. He works on one everyday, at work and at home. Prior to his at-home connection, he would surf the 'net at work or go to kinkos for those after hours internet sessions. However, he finally got the message that having internet at home was more convenient for him. Since TBBM is not a major downloader of music/videos, he got the Lite Cable DSL package and says that just suits him fine. He is very happy with his new connection and can now check facebook and chat more frequently. Finally ---- THE BIG BLACK MACHINE has come the internet!!!
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