Tuesday, September 08, 2009

cK Pals Rumoured To Be In Secret Romance

TORONTO, Ontario - There is plenty love in the CK Universe air, as summer of '09 brought many romances to fruition. CK's Los Angeles roomate proposed to his long time girlfriend, announcing that a wedding is soon coming, and back in Toronto, two longtime CK friends are rumoured to be dating!

Which two CK friends are now rumoured to be secretly dating?First, CKNEWS would like to congratulate Jonathan and Jill on their wedding announcement. CKNEWS will be on location in Los Angeles, California to bring you full coverage of the event with photos and video. Also, strong sources have reason to believe that long time pals of CK are now secretly dating! This blossoming romance has been noticeable to the rest of the CrazyKelviNation for some time now, but only recently has become more concrete.

Both of their facebook profiles currently do not reveal their relationship status -- one would assume once its on there, then it is clearly official. Once they reveal it publicly, then CKNEWS will reveal their identities officially. At the recent CrazyHouse Summerslam BBQ, they were both questioned about their relationship - they denied anything going on, however their faces told the entire story. Sources say that recently at a bbq, they came out publicly to friends stating that they are indeed a couple. By the end of the evening, people were referring to them as husband and wife! Could it possibly be an early spring for the duo? When will they come out and announce it to the public already? CKNEWS will be there when that day comes to bring you full coverage of the secret romance going on!
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