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cK Mourns Passing of Karen C. Blanchard

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - CrazyKelvin mourns the tragic passing of his aunt Karen Blanchard, who lost her life in a tragic automobile accident on July 24, 2009.

Picture courtesy of http://lcn.canoe.ca/lcn/infos/faitsdivers/archives/2009/07/20090724-111213.htmlCK's lovely auntie from Newfoundland was a very selfless and loving woman that mothered 2 beautiful and honorable children. Her life ended tragically on the way back from a road trip to Newfoundland when the car went out of control and rolled over three times in La Pocatiere, Quebec.

The rest of the occupants in the vehicle (husband, 2 children and a dog) survived the roll overs, but it fatally injured Karen. There are 2 viewings in Toronto before she is taken back to Newfoundland to be laid to rest. Karen Blanchard was very well liked in her community and known for her compassion towards others. She was only 43 years old.

A video of the story is located here from LCN.

The story was reported by the le journal de quebec:

Fatal accident in La Pocati?re

Marc-Andr? S?guin - 24/07/2009

A lady of 43 years in Ontario has died following an accident on Highway 20 at the height of La Pocati?re, early this morning. A passenger, Karen Cecilia-Blanchard, in Mississauga, outside Toronto, was killed when the vehicle made a violent exit route reported to 5:45 Friday at km 442 of highway 20 heading west. S According to authorities, the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle performing an overtaking maneuver in the left lane, leading to the barrels into the right shoulder.

The car carrying a family of four from Ontario. A child who sat in the back seat was also severely injured, but it does not fear for the lives of survivors.

The right lane of Highway 20 remained blocked until 11am in the direction west to the height of 442 km.

The story was reported by the le peuple cote sud:

End of holiday tragedy

Diane Gendron -Published July 24 2009, 15:05

The road has left two people dead in two accidents, early Friday morning, just minutes apart on Highway 20.

Around 5:45, the height of La Pocati?re, a man lost control of his vehicle when overtaking. The automobile has made several barrels before choir in the ditch. The passenger sitting in the front, was killed in this accident. These travelers were from Ontario.
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