Monday, May 11, 2009

cK Acquires Wonderland Season Pass

TORONTO, Ontario - CrazyKelvin and the Tazemaster got their 2009 Canada's Wonderland Season Pass yesterday afternoon and kicked off the season getting on a few rides.

CrazyKelvin already has been getting a season pass since 2007, but this will be the first time the Tazemaster obtained a season pass since 2000! In the 90's, CK and the Tazemaster got season passes every year. They went on all the rides together and made it a summer tradition. Now the tradition continues, as the duo will be experiencing all the new rides that have debuted over the years since their absence. When Tazemaster was last here, the park was still known as "Paramount Canada's Wonderland". Since then, the park was sold to Cedar Fair, and the name is now just "Canada's Wonderland". Because of this buyover, many of the names CK and Tazemaster were familiar with were no longer the same.

After getting their season passes, the duo had less than 15 minutes to get on some rides before the park closed at 8pm. They ran to Dragon Fire - a classic rollercoaster with a double loop. There were no line-ups and they got to choose any seat on the coaster. After that quick rush, they ran over to the always daring, Drop Tower (aka Drop Zone) -- a frightening tower that takes you up 230 feet (23 stories) into the air, holds you for a bit to observe the beautiful panoramic view and the drops you without warning at a rush of 16 feet per second! CK and Tazemaster were able to get on twice with no lineups!

The park was closing shortly and the duo were satisfied with the little taste of Wonderland to kick off the 2009 season. The individual price for a season pass is $79.99 and to add an unlimited parking pass is another $30. The duo plan to attend Wonderland at least twice a month which will certainly be a bargain investment in the long run.
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