Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shooting Star Spotted, cK Makes Wish

BRAMPTON, Ontario - On a clear and warm November evening as cK was going out for his nightly bike ride, he captured the site of a beautiful shooting star lighting up the dark sky.

After seeing the shooting star trail rapidly across the sky for about 2 seconds, cK made a wish. Optimistic that his luck will change after October was one of the worst months for him on record.

CKNEWS did more research on meteor showers happening around November 6, and apparently it is a peak time for the "Southern Taurids" meteor shower. Heaviest viewing happening on November 5, 6. From November 11, the "Northern Taurids" appear more prominent. The Brampton night sky is still clouded by the proximity to Toronto International Airport's lights hiding most of the stars, but the comet that was seen was bright enough to beam through!

The last time cK wished upon a star was on the evening of August 12, 2006. He was out stargazing with his ex girlfriend. Apparently, he claims that he got what he wished for, (and no, it's not what you are thinking). We asked cK what did he wish for then and now:

Well, I really am not supposed to share what exactly I wished for in August 2006, I'm not going to jinx anything. What I can say is that night was magical for meteor showers. It was like the sky was just raining comets! That was a nice summer night, and I guess I kinda got what I wished for. As for tonight's shooting star, I just saw one... and it was inspiring. It gave me hope that things are going to be okay... and NO, I'm not going to tell you what I wished for this time!!

We can only hope that cK's wish comes true and that from this moment on, he's better off than he was in October!

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