Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Day CK's Life Changed - EXCLUSIVE STORY!

TORONTO, Canada - The recent separation between cK's heart-throb, "Miss D." has invigorated CrazyKelvin to do a complete restructure of this Mind, Body and Soul. Comparable to an Olympic athlete's training regimen, cK is gearing up to get to an optimal status by doing his own personal renovation.

CK NEWS has learned that cK has purchased the inspirational "Integral Life Practice" kit which was created by world renowned psychologist, Ken Wilbur. The ILP Kit, based on the Integral Model, is a result of decades of study resulting in the most comprehensive map of human development that shows you how to incorporate the best practices of all the world?s wisdom traditions?East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual and psychological. To read more about this kit, go to:

"This is one of the tools I am using to renovate my mind, body, and soul!", an excited cK said today.

Eating right, steady exercise and meditation are all being sewn into cK's new-life fabric. Getting nutritional advice from nutritional and fitness expert, Felix Mah, cK is going to shed his body fat down and build muscle. Starting out on intensive morning/afternoon cardio routines, cK aims to lose 30 pounds of excess body fat by December. It remains to be seen.

"My goal is to be a complete newer version of me, a fitter, leaner, healthier in both body and mind!", cK stated.

cK currently weighs 190lbs -- which means he currently has a Body Mass Index of 28.9. This is considered overweight for his body type. His optimal weight should be approximately 155lbs -- and have a Body Mass Index around 23.6.

What really IS the motivation for this sudden change and renovation for his life? CKNEWS asked the most important question that we had to know! cK responded:
"I'm doing this for myself. If I can truly believe in myself that I can change, then others will believe too."

cK has already started doing video documenting of the process and will release it in December of what his progress has been. We can only hope that cK gets to be the new improved, cK that he wants. From our observation, it looks like that cK will exceed his own expectations!

To follow his progress, please visit this link: CK'S TRANSFORMATION
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