Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stories That Never Made It: N8 Dogg Gets In Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

CLEVELAND, Ohio - cK compadre, N8 Dogg, will be inserted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in June 2008.

[ Although this story was written, it was never published due to the fact that Budget Travel Magazine and N8 could not come to an agreement on the licensing terms for the photo. So nothing happened and N8 did not get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! However, it's still a good read from a story that was over a year ago... ]

N8 DOGG has been approached by Ron Foth Advertising out of Columbus, Ohio that will be publishing a special ad in Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine to use a photo of himself that he took outside of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The picture he took was during a trip to Cleveland on August 25, 2005. Just being himself and posing behind a huge guitar, N8 didn't know that 3 years later this picture could be the catalyst to worldwide exposure. Budget Travel Magazine, a monthly magazine that also has an online website which generates 1.8 million unique page views per month, will be using N8 to be in a special ad for the RRHOF.

CKNEWS contacted Marti Zimlin Hurwitz, the Sr Marketing Manager at Budget Travel Magazine, to tell us a little more about this publication:

"The ultimate reader-driven magazine, Arthur Frommer?s Budget Travel provides practical travel information for real families on the go. Surpassing the usual lineup of fantasy coffee-table magazines, Budget Travel has redefined the travel category by merging eye-catching imagery with valuable and pragmatic knowledge families can actually use. As a result, Budget Travel has become an indispensable guide for over 2.3 million educated and sophisticated travelers offering our partners the most valuable souvenir - real results.

We print 10x's a year (February, March, April, May, June, July/August, September, October, November, December/January) We have a guaranteed rate base of 675,000 with the July/August issue and are currently at 625,000."

CKNEWS caught up with N8 Dogg and he had the following to say:

"While my family seems to think this will jump start my long awaited modeling career, I remain humbled and grateful for the opportunity to express my brand of n8itude upon the Cleveland area masses."

N8 Dogg's world debut will be in the June 2008 edition of Budget Travel Magazine, available online and newsstands everywhere.
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