Monday, November 12, 2007

cK Turned Away at Pickering Night Club

PICKERING, Ontario - cK and his beau, Miss D went to meet n8 Dogg and others when security turned them away and other patrons leaving them to stand in the zero degree weather outside.

It all happened at the Island Mix Restaurant & Lounge, where n8 Dogg and others, were celebrating n8's birthday. When cK arrived, the venue had reached its building capacity and could no longer admit any other people or else they would be violating fire codes.

Apparently, n8 and others were not enjoying themselves as they had anticipated. Standing over 30 minutes in line waiting to get a drink is unheard of outside the downtown core, but apparently it was normal at the little venue that had the world famous, "Dr. Jay The Soca Prince" playing.

The Island Mix in Pickering got very bad ratings that night not only by cK, but the other 30 people freezing in line with him.

CKNEWS managed to get a statement from cK:
"I drove over 60 kilometers from Brampton hoping to have a good time, celebrate n8's birthday and all ... instead, I should have just chilled on the west side and stayed home. I am definitely not impressed with this place. I had high hopes for this place since its not in a fancy club district or in a crowded area, I thought I'd just walk right in and party. Apparently we should have went downtown."

CKNEWS managed to get a statement from N8 Dogg:
"Thank you all for coming out to this auspicious occasion...
now ... who lock me outside, let the dog back in!!"

What if cK got to the venue earlier? Would it have changed his impression of Island Mix? We asked him to see what he thought:
"I don't think my impression would be any different only because I can't stand to wait in line for more than 10 minutes for a drink and be in a small stuffy place where everyone can't help but step on your shoes. If I arrived earlier, I would have just had more disappointments."

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