Monday, August 13, 2007

N8 Dogg Gives Up Drinking Beer

TORONTO, Ontario - After years of being known as the "Drunken Rass", n8 Dogg has vowed to cut down on binge drinking and lowering his alcohol intake to casual social drinks.

Starting yesterday, the notoriously drunken member of the nWo TDOT, has decided that he has reached the point of his life where he does not want to be known as that "drunken guy".

N8 refused to comment on his new less-beer diet when approched by CKNEWS.

Fellow nWo TDOT member, CrazyKelvin said, "I really can't see n8 without a beer, it's like car without wheels, a fire with no wood, a beach with no water. It's going to be pretty interesting to see how n8 does it!"

We asked people who know N8 DOGG what they thought of his decision:

"When I first met n8, he was drunk out of his mind! I don't even think he remembers that since he was so drunk!"
-Almighty Black Swan

"The only reason n8 was always drunk was because he was drinking all the alcohol he could to numb the pain from the relentless beatings he got from me. Him not being drunk will just bring the pain back."
-The Big Black Machine

N8 (pictured on right) reacting to a stiff drink at the Docks in 2001

CKNEWS will have more on this story as it develops.
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Previous Comments

nWo n8 Dogg wrote: Oh rass I didn't think u were actually gonna make this news!

Damn .. isn't there a better "drinking" pic .. that's water.

Gabe all that Church has made u lose ur mind. U must be drunk on that Communion "grape juice".

Man "warren's" comment is one I usually get... maybe that's part of the decision.

I hope it works out. Me already have cravings.

Where is my Jonny comment???
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
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