Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Russell Peters Comes Home To the ACC

TORONTO, Canada - cK's pal, "THE IQ" was the eyewitness to see the sold out show at the Air Canada Centre.

Over 15,000 people crammed to the sold out show to see Brampton's own, Russell Peters perform his stand-up routine. The "IQ" was present and told CKNEWS that the show was great. There were no other opening comics before Russell, just a music set from DJ "Starting From Scratch" and DJ "Jr Flow" that lasted about an hour to get the crowd hyped up.

There was a standing ovation before Russell even said a word, as the hometown crowd celebrated his success. At the end of his set, he came out for one encore performance and did, "Sumbody going to get a hurting real bad" routine which brought the house down. There will be another performance on June 19, to another sold out audience, totalling 30,000 people in 2 days.

You can read the review by the Toronto Sun's, Liz Braun here: http://jam.canoe.ca/Theatre/2007/06/19/4271998-sun.html

Scroll down to see the SPY PIQs taken by "THE IQ"!!!

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