Monday, June 18, 2007

"I Am Alive and Well!", Says CrazyKelvin

PEFFERLAW, Ontario - In a recent phone interview over the weekend, CK NEWS was able to get a grasp of what is going on in CrazyKelvin's life, his recent whereabouts and why his 'adventures' seemed to have stopped in February.

On his way travelling to a drive-in movie in Pefferlaw, Ontario, we were able to ask CK some of the questions everyone wanted to know about, via his mobile phone.

CKNEWS: Please tell us how you are doing and what has been going on with you?

CK: I'm doing great right now, as I'm here with my girlfriend and we are just headed up to see a drive-in movie in the countryside under the stars.

CKNEWS: Tell us more about your girlfriend and why haven't we seen much of her on your website?

CK: My girlfriend is amazing and I'm very much in love with her. We have been together for over 10 months now and she is very shy to taking pictures and being put into the public eye. I would have put more stuff up about her, but I'm taking it really slow.

CKNEWS: Some people might say that you don't really have a girlfriend and that you are making it all up. What do you say to them?

CK: They can think what they want, I don't really care. I know that I'm really happy with her and that one day I'll convince her to let me put pictures of her up.

CKNEWS: Other than the new love you have with your girlfriend, what else is new with you?

CK: Well, I have been pretty much a homebody, but a happy one!I have a new job and also focused with my new business venture, Mahadeo Media.

CKNEWS: If you are doing so much, why haven't you updated your adventures since February?

CK: I know I know! I'll get to that. Many of the things I do, I just haven't put them up or took pics of them. The summer is here and I'm looking to get back to my very frequent adventures!

CKNEWS: What are some of the adventures that you have planned coming up that your readers/fans can look forward to?

CK: Well, definitely the summer has so much going on. Caribana is around the corner, the annual Greek Festival, Canada's Wonderland, the CNE.... and also what makes my adventures different this time around more than any other time, is that I have a girlfriend with me to do them all!! (knock on wood) That seems to be a lot of adventures in the making!

CKNEWS: Thank you, CK for taking the time for doing this phone interview. Have a great night!

CK: You're welcome! Good night!
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CrazyRM wrote: i wont believe you got a girlfriend until i meet her in person.
Sunday, June 24, 2007
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