CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for May 14 to May 21, 2002

What a great week. My hometown Toronto Maple Leafs (a hockey team) have advanced in the playoffs. I am not really the avid hockey fan, but I get interested when it becomes around the end of the season.

This past weekend I was with my family and we went to the US Armed Forces Day at the Orlando Executive Airport. I don't usually go to anything that has the word "ARMY" in it. I have this fear that they might try and force me to enlist and go and take a bullet for Uncle Sam so that the American OIl Companies can get their supply from the Middle East.. (or something like that)

At this event, I was able to go into those HUGE Army Helicopters that they use on rescue and attack missions. It was awesome. I was wondering why the general public was allowed to view these machines during a time of "war". Was the U.S. Defence not worried that terrorist spies were able to just walk into the machines and study how they will take them out? I hope they had taken that into consideration. But I still enjoyed being able to have the oppurtunity to see these beasts.

This week, I have received this e-mail that was in reference to a night in February when my sisters from Toronto: Shelley, Lori and Andrea came down to visit. I wrote how awful of a time we had at this place called Club Tanja. Read what I wrote then. I was being honest. I don't just plug clubs because I was there. If I had a good time, I make sure YOU (the reader) know so when you go there, you know what to expect. Only NOW in May, is when I get the following response:

i just finished to read your article and i'm very disappointed about what u said about tanja my name is (name witheld) and i'm the owner of tanja club my goal is to satified my clients and so i would like to have some explaination with you my personal cellular phone is 305 XXX XXXX

Okay, now what do you want me to say about that? Should I reply to him? I am not in Miami right now and the only reason I went there was to take my girls out from Toronto. What do you think he could possibly do to make things better? The only way I see Mr. Club Owner making things better is by flying my 3 girls down from Toronto, put them in a nice hotel in Miami and then show them a good time. That's it. He already had his ONE chance. I do appreciate him taking the time to e-mail me and try to make things right, but come on... that was February. This is May. My girls are long gone.

All the best,


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