CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for February 18 to Feb. 25, 2002

This weekend is the 1st Annual Invitational Miami BBQ/Pool Party. If this is the first you are hearing of it, that shows that you weren't invited! (haha) no no.. I'm just kidding. If you can make it to Miami for Sunday, February 24, then you are more than welcome to appear. Just e-mail me your RSVP and I'll make sure security will let you in.

Okay, time for Kelvin's Weekly Thought:
This past weekend I had a strange dream. One dream that I didn't think would happen again. Well.. it had to do with Girlfriend X.

Yes.. yes.. this is what is on my mind right now. I mean, I think I'm over her. It's been 2 YEARS now... do I still subconsciously have some feelings for her? Let me tell you about this dream. There I was just in a nice day setting. I think it was in a park. Girlfriend X and I were just laughing it up and having such a good time. I really felt happy. I surely remember that. I even remember Girlfriend X making sure she wasn't too forward with me, and I encouraged her that it was okay.

That was basically the dream. There was no XXX stuff in there. Just a lot of pleasant thoughts. Maybe I just haven't had the chance to find someonenew to replace the great memories I shared with Girlfriend X. I don't know. Her and I have communicated once via e-mail since she was forced to cancel her trip to Miami which would actually be THIS WEEK. It was a pleasant exchange of words.

Hmm.. well I guess that's the deal with that situation.

Other than her, my cool dance partner SHELLEY is coming to MIAMI this week!!! I'm very excited and I can't wait. For the record, Shelley is no love interest and she is like a sister to me. So, don't expect next week's thought to have intimate details of her and I sharing my apartment.

All the best,


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