CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for April 9 to April 16, 2002

I recently cancelled my service with Sprint PCS because the $125 phone I purchased from them last year eventually just stopped working. And wouldn't you know it, 2 weeks AFTER the Warranty expired. I highly recommend you DO NOT buy the Touchpoint T1100. Almost everyone I know who has had one, by the 9th month of using it, the screen goes blank and you are unsure of whose calling or where you are dialing. So just be aware of that.

Last weekend I finally got to see that movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?" and I can't believe I enjoyed it. It was hilarious. Sure the plot was messed up but it was definitely entertaining! That is a movie I recommend if you want to just sit back on a Friday night at chill with a friend or two. I actually had seen the movie with my entire family and my mom seemed to be liking a lot of the jokes too! So maybe it could be a family movie...

Speaking of movies, have you seen the posters or ads for the "Scooby-Doo" movie coming out in June? First of all, I can't believe they actually made a movie from a cartoon show that had the same thing happen every time. I wonder if they will really show Shaggy smoking up.. that's the only way the gang understood Scooby speaking. Nobody else could understand the dog talking. In earlier episodes of the cartoon, you can actually see when the Mystery Machine drives off, there is a cloud of smoke.... and no... it didn't come from the exhaust pipe.. it was actually coming out from the windows! Go ahead.. see for yourself the next time its on. But make sure its the earlier ones without Scrappy-Doo. Okay... as for the movie... take a look for yourself:

They got Shaggy and Velma right on the button...but as for (Fred)die Prinze, Jr. as "Fred" and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne just doesn't fit. Look at them! Come on!!! Isn't Fred supposed to be like buff with a scarf or something? And Daphne.. sure.. she's hot but she doesn't fit the one I imagined from the cartoon. Who was the casting director for this??

Thanks to everyone that responded to the Weekly Poll from last week. To date it was the most responded poll at a total of 14 votes! I have never had so many comments in the comments section. You were all so great for taking the time for give your input on the subject.

Now in MY RESPONSE to the poll, I am aware that I may have offended some people in making this poll. I can understand that the individuals in the poll were not exactly thrilled to be the main subject of discussion. (or were they?)

When reading the comments of the poll that accumulated throughout the week, it almost seemed as if they were obsessed with the fact that their first names were used in it.

For the record, I was not slandering their name, I was asking a question that's being repeated all over the world a million times a day. And I still believe that this was such an innocent poll that was the center of my thoughts of last week. I cannot believe that this would blow up to be such a big story at

When creating the poll, I actually thought it was a silly idea and that the majority of the 5 people who vote everyweek would vote unamimously for a NO answer and use the comments section to wish the newly engaged couple well. But that was not the case. Instead, it created an uproar similar to me if I asked the question about the choice of abortion.

I will keep the comments of last weeks poll up for those who didn't get to read it themselves and see exactly how ridiculous this was. But the poll is officially closed at 14 votes. 50% for YES and 50% for NO.

You can even read LAST WEEK's THOUGHT and see if I said anything slanderous about the couple in question. And I'm glad that I was "forgiven" by one of the individuals who was offended by the poll. The next time I "think" of creating a poll or expressing my "thoughts" on my "WEEKLY THOUGHT" page, I'll think differently.

Besides that... let me list all the my other friends/family getting married in a year:

Serena and Tony, New York, NY, USA
Ruby and Raj,
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Nadia and Lomesh
, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Selica and Trevor, Bermuda, West Indies

To all of them, again, I wish all the best and I'll be sure to make it to all your weddings! Geez.. that's a lot of flying!!

All the best,


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-anonymous poller
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"...By the way, just because it's on the net, doesn't mean the whole world actually sees it, and by the way, the whole world doesn't know you, or cares. It's good the poll shouldn't bother you, cuz it's not really about you."
anonymous poller
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"...maybe putting her love story on the web wasn't a wise thing to do especially since Liza was probably unaware of his feelings regarding the situation."
-anonymous poller
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