CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for April 2 to April 9, 2002

Queen Mum 1900-2002

When I heard the news about England's Queen Mum passing away, I have to admit that my eyes got all glassy. Out of all the Royal Family members, the Queen Mum was the one I really liked. Sure I liked Princess Diana. But she was just that, a Princess. She was no Queen as of yet. Queen Mum was what I pictured as true royalty. In World War 2 when London was bombed, she didn't flee. She stayed put and after went to visit the neighbourhoods that were demolished and the met with the people who lost their homes. She was not afraid. She was a true People's Queen. I'm sure Diana learned some things from her. Well.. it was amazing she made it this far. And what a nice way to go then in your sleep, peacefully. She was great and will definitely be remembered.

I don't want to turn this into an obiturary page, but last week Milton Burle and Dudley Moore also passed away. Both of them were very good actor/comedians. More mentionable to me was Milton Burle aka. "Mr. Television". I had seen some of his stuff from back in the day and man he was hilarious! Milton was one of the (if not, the) pioneers in television comedy. He will also really be missed.

Last week I was with Liza, Veronica and Shevon. We all went to the Miami-Dade County Fair! I must say that it was truly amazing. I thought that the Canadian National Exhibition was huge.. but this one was just as big, if not bigger. The only problems were that there were NO drinking gardens meaning there was no place there serving alcohol at all and there were no free corporate free stuff. Wow. I truly miss Canada. I wish I had a digital camera so I could just show everyone instant pics. But I don't. I guess I really need one since I take so many pics.

Also... my dear little Sister Liza has been proposed to by her boyfriend, Brian!
CONGRADULATIONS!! All the best you too and I can't wait to be at the wedding.

What is my "Thought" about this engagement as her bigger brother? Well.. I honestly think that its kinda early for them to solidify anything yet. They have been seriously going out since January. I mean, I know they love each other, that's all that matters, right? But don't you want to give it a little more time to make a final decision? Liza being 21 and Brian I think being 22. They have so much ahead of them, would they want to experience a little more before making a FINAL commitment with someone? I remember my friend Shelley a few years ago. She met this young preacher and was so caught up with him. She was actually gonna marry him. I think her infatuation only lasted a summer. Anyways, that feeling left and she is still single and free as of today. (thank goodness!) Though Liza and Brian are not getting married anytime soon, they do plan on getting married a few years from now. Maybe these next years that lie ahead will be the TRUE test.

All the best,


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