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[ Thought for September 11 - 17, 2002 ]

Hey CK Fans...

Lately there was an online press conference broadcasting from Orlando, Florida regarding CrazyKelvin's future career plans. He was considering the offers from cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Sacramento, Miami and New York City. At the conclusion of the meeting, cK has decided to take up the offer in New York. So let it be known, that cK is going to NEW YORK CITY!!!!! ( headquarters will relocate within 2 weeks)

So maybe some of you would like to know how I decided on that? WelI I had to compare a lot of the pros and cons. I chose New York because it was different. I have lots of family and friends there, also there is a huge potential to advance in that city and make a name for one's self. I will eventually go back to Toronto, but why not try out NYC before I do that? It was also 2 years ago this time when I was London, England with the infamous, Helen. That was a life changing trip. One year ago this time is when my parents moved from Toronto to Orlando... another life altering event. Now this time around, my life is making a change by going to NYC.

BLACK Cloud Turns To White
nWo 2 - Picture taken only weeks before crashA few weeks ago when n8 dogg had that accident where our main vehicle, "nWo 2" was totalled, there was little speculation at when the next vehicle would replace it. Well, I have recently gotten word that there is a new vehicle coming to assume its predecessor's throne. As I last heard, it is an "end of millenium" Pontiac Grand Am Sports Edition. In a lot of ways, it is quite similar to the first car, "nWo 1". Which was also a white, four doored car. The latest addition to the nWo Toronto family boasts the most power ever in a 3.4L V6 engine with leather tan seats. The picture below is an artist's rendition of what it could possibly look like:

Could this be the next nWo Toronto Promotional Vehicle?

New Fall Season
Officially the autumn does not begin until September 23, but the new television fall season actually is beginning right about now. There are a whole bunch of new shows that I'm looking forward to seeing. FOX has 2 shows already that I'm interested in such as "FASTLANE" and "Cedric 'The Entertainer' Presents". I will review both those shows after I have had a chance to watch them. On the ABC network, there is this one show that I'm definitely eager to see. Two words: John Ritter.

8 Simple  Rules For Dating My Teenage DaughterJohn Ritter is one of my fav actors whose claim to fame comes from the television show, "Three's Company" or movies such as "Problem Child". Also back on television is Katey Segal. She's known for her role as Peggy Bundy on "Married...With Children". They are both coming together for a new show on the ABC Network called, "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenaged Daughter". Honestly, I have no idea what its about, nor do I really care.. I'm just watching because of the main stars. I know John wouldn't work on a show with a lousy script, right? RIGHT?!

Do Over on the WB Network Another new show this fall is on the WB Network, called "DO-OVER". From the commercials I see of it, it actually looks quite interesting. Here's the description from their website:
"Thirty-four-year-old Joel Larsen (newcomer Penn Badgley) is an unmarried, dissatisfied salesman when a freak accident jettisons him 20 years into the past to his freshman year of high school. Now, back in 1980 with his 34-year-old mind trapped in his 14-year-old body, Joel has the unique opportunity to make things turn out differently, both for him and his embarrassingly dysfunctional family." You can imagine the guy who actually wrote the script for this show... hmm... he must be trying to live vicariously through it!

SMALLVILLE -- on the WB NetworkAlso on the WB Network, is one of my favourite shows - SMALLVILLE. If you haven't had a chance to see this gem in television, I strongly advise you check it out. Set the VCR if you have to. I stumbled across this show during the summer when chilling with my friend, Helen. We were both so captivated watching this, I have since become addicted. What the show is about is basically Superman when he was growing up in the little town of Smallville. The cast, the storylines, and music are so well composed. Even if you don't like comic book heroes and the sort, you might enjoy this aspect of watching one grow up. I can't wait for the season premiere next week.


Trigger Happy TV - Click here to view clipsOn Comedy Central (US only) There is this show imported from the United Kingdom called: "Trigger Happy TV" which airs on Thursdays at 10:30pm. Its a show of some candid-camera sketch comedy that is really off the wall. It's British humour, but its really in-your-face kinda stuff. I had seen some sketches that were making me laugh REALLY hard. If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can view some clips here on the comedy central website.

80's Movie Flashback
It was only a few days ago I had the priviledge to view one of my favourite movies from when I was young - John Carpenter's "BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA". The movie was made in 1986 starring Kurt Russell. I remember back then when I first saw it, I was entertained from beginning to end. When I saw it recently, I was watching it more for reminiscing purposes only. The movie was very cheap, but then again, it was the 80's. So this looked like a big budget movie for the time. I'm not really going to recommend you to go and see, but you are free to. Its just one of those movies that you can rent on a Friday night. If you do decide to run out to Blockbuster and rent it this weekend, remember - it was shot in 1986 and stars Kurt Russell!!!

Big Trouble In Little China - Thanks to for the pic!
Big Trouble In Little China (1986)

This was one of the coolest sites on this movie, check it out. They have a whole other bunch of fan sites dedicated to more movies. To see the entire list, go to:

I'm probably one of the few people on this planet who has already grown tired of him. What about you? Are you still a Vin Diesel Fan? (there's nothing wrong with being one)
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Speaking about people I do like - and not ashamed to admit it - is Joey Fatone of *N'SYNC. Forget the boy band... Joey Fatone is making his waves elsewhere in the Broadway musical, RENT, and also in the sleeper movie hit of the year, "MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING". To make the record clear, I don't like boy bands. Even girl bands I'm not into (ex. Spice Girls). Joey Fatone
But there are usually some members that just seperate themselves and show how much more cooler they are than the losers they were performing with. I'm not saying that Justin Timberlake is a loser, I'm saying that Lance Bass is. Joey Fatone is cool. Why am I even talking about this? Because I just had this picture of Joey and had to do something with it. > > > >
(plus, Joey is a big cK fan!!) Well.. that's not proven, but I'm sure he would be.

It Happened Again...
This past weekend, within 10 minutes of meeting some people for the first time, my parents managed to tell them very exageratted negative flaws about me. It would have been okay maybe if it was in a joking manner, but it wasn't. Again, this was a crush to my esteem because I was present in the room. After my move to New York, trust me... I'm not looking back.

Who Really Are The Terrorists?
Last Friday, a woman in Calhoun, Georgia at a Shoney's restaurant saw 3 "middle eastern" men sitting at a table and talking. She listened in and heard them talking Bomb Scare on Alligator Alley in Floridaabout "...bringing it to Miami on the 13th". She got real frightened, took their license plate numbers and reported to authorites. There were 2 cars. Once they made it to Florida, one of the cars ran a toll booth without paying. Police in Collier County immediately stopped them. The police there immediately took them in for questioning and searched the car for any bombs. They even sent that bomb robot. Their search ended in no result. The police said the 3 men were very co-operative.They found out that the young men were actually talking about bringing a car down to Miami on the 13th. The 3 young medical students were headed to Miami for a conference. I was watching this on the news LIVE on CNN as they were already reporting these guys as terrorists and the such. Yet, they were not convicted of anything and let go. When the 3 young men got to Miami, they were turned away from their work study at the Miami hospital with only 9 weeks left to complete their course. The hospital told them that they cannot let them study there because they are receiving angry emails and phone messages. Give me a break. These poor kids didn't do anything wrong. They are all in the US legally and were not convicted of anything yet they are being treated like criminals. One of the young men's fathers said, "This used to be a country where you are innocent until proven guilty, now its the other way around." That same statement could be applied to the O.J. Simpson trial too. Even though O.J. was not convicted of murder (in the highest court), the general public thinks otherwise. Why is it that we don't have much faith in the legal system? Maybe its because of cases like this:
read here

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