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[ Thought for August 20 - 27, 2002 ]

Hey CK Fans...

Last Friday I was given quite a scare when I heard that my bro, n8 dogg was in a car accident while on his way to see our friends, the "Sushi Twins". The following photo is a picture I personally took only weeks before his incident which totalled the car.

nWo 2
This is the last photo taken of nWo 2

We appropriately named this 1999 Suzuki Vitara Convertible as nWo 2. It was our second mode of transportation to my vehicle from (1997 - 2001) seen in the photo below.

nWo 1
The original nWo Toronto mode of transport - nWo 1 (circa summer 1998)

That was me back in 1998 in front of the Big BLACK Machine's house in Toronto, posing with my 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier then known as nWo 1. It was our way to going to summer Saturdays at Canada's Wonderland and evenings at the Docks. This pic was taken before the accident I had in the winter of 1999, where I added more of a sport bumper and snazzy blue lights..

It was retired earlier this year from the nWo Toronto organization when I moved to Orlando, Florida.

Anyways, n8 is okay and I'm thankful. He is more than a just a friend to me, more than a best friend... he's my brother.

- - - - - - -

Hallandale Beach, FloridaThis past weekend, I had an amazing trip back to my second home of Miami, Florida! I drove down with my parents who wanted to go to the white sandy beaches of Hollywood. They prefer nowhere else.. those beaches are less crowded and have lots of public parking.

After taking a nice long walk on the sands of Hallandale Beach, we all packed it up and then I departed from them. I went on to go and meet my good friend, Sarah. She needed to go and do some clothes shopping. So her and I went to Aventura Mall and checked out Wet Seal. The store to me was reasonably priced with a lot of hippie looks and stretchy jeans for sizes "zero" and up. Sarah tried on some real hot outfits ( not for me -- for herself ) and we then drove down to meet the rest of the gang: Angie, Veronica, Kevin and Marlon.

We proceeded to go to the Miami Bayside. A place where there are amazing Cliff Wyldfiyah daiquiris each and every corner. Especially the ones from FAT TUESDAYS. Those ones will mess you up!! The musical act for that segment of the night wasn't appealing to us, so we bounced and went to Monty's in Coconut Grove. As soon as we got there, the place was bumpin! The musical act that night was a calypso/reggae group called "WYLDFIYAH". They were really good. Now, as soon as I got onto the dancefloor, I didn't even get a chance to start dancing yet -- these 2 amazingly hot women jump on my dancing every which way. My group of friends (and myself) was in utter shock!! I didn't hold back, I danced with them.... always willing to have fun with adoring cK fans!

The night went really well as the music just continued to jam and our little group danced away until 1:30am when the live band's set was finished. After that, I had to drop everyone home because Marlon had to work early. That's okay.. the night went perfect and we were quitting while we were ahead.

While I was driving Sarah home, I get a call from my cousin, Tee who has flown in from Los Angeles. She's in South Beach at a club called KRAVE. I told her I'll meet her outside. After I dropped Sarah, I went to South Beach and parked. This night it was really packed.. Lennox Lewis was rumoured to be partying there, Beenie Man and Angie Martinez had a concert there too.. So much people were cramming the streets.

I called my cousin and met her outside club KRAVE. As we were chilling outside -- all of a sudden we hear these loud "POP POP POP!!!" noises just only feet away from us. Then there is this big guy running towards us and then comes to a stop in front of club KRAVE. He pleads with the security guards to go in, and they allow him to and then shut the club's doors off. Nobody can leave and nobody can get in. My cousin, Tee and I don't exactly sit around to wait and see what happens.. we get into my ride and bolt!!

That was basically the night as I drove back to where I was staying and left the next day. Nothing else.. but a great weekend at that in Miami!

- - - - - - - - -

JOE BOXER COMMERCIAL Have you seen this JoeBoxer commercial? When I first saw it in Toronto, I couldn't stop laughing. I was like, "What is he doing?!?!" He sure looks happy. This commercial is announcing that Joe Boxer boxers are now being sold at K-Mart. You mean they weren't before? Oh well.. now we all know!! So lets go out and get some!! (boxers that is)

One of the most popular questions asked to me this weekend was regarding the new Cadillac CTS. People ranging from my own dad, to friends who never even look at "domestic" cars before were asking if me (the guy who drove a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood to school) if I have seen this new car. And the answer is "yes" of course, but why is that all these younger people are noticing it? Well, Cadillac has seemed to have succeeded. They created a car that attracts a much younger consumer. The majority of my friends are very much into sooped-up Hondas or Toyotas, and would never even consider buying American. The new Cadillac CTS seems to be catching their eye and I guess that's a good thing. Cadillac was really lacking sales in the past decades. At one time, being the absolute best car money could buy, Cadillac sales dropped and took on more competition from Japan and Europe. Anyways, enough of the history lesson. What do I think of the Cadillac CTS? Well, I have had the opportunity to sit in it, and I found it quite small. Maybe that's what they are going for..the car did seem very high tech but it lacks power. Next year all of that is changing as Cadillac is introducing a "V" Performance Series as shown in the sketch below.

Cadillac CTS V Series
Cadillac CTS V Series due out in 2004

I guess that's it for this week....

All the best,


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A great place for the family and couples with restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters, you get everything here plus party boats and live bands making you dance the night away.




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