CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for May 28 to June 4, 2002

Hey CK fans!
Oh my gosh, is it JUNE already?!? Wow... did summer come quick or not? As I am writing this, I just finished watching the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Carolina Huricanes hockey playoff game. And sad to say, my hometown Leafs lost in overtime. It was an amazing season and they have nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck Carolina!

This past weekend was the Orlando Caribbean Carnival. Similar to Toronto and Miami's version, but this one is still growing and had a 75,000 people attendance. It was a good turnout. CK was there and turned out there with family members. I had a good time until I saw my cousins. Apparently, as of late, there has been a price put for CK's head in the town of Orlando. Why? Oh... because he was rumoured to tell his parents that his other cousins smoke. Thats it. And somehow, these "kids" that are in college and are being as mature as they would be in pre-school never came to me to discuss this. Neither, do I just go and tell my parents anything like that since I have been constantly covering up for them everytime they came to my place in Miami. I guess since I'm no longer in Miami, they don't need me anymore. CK's term in Orlando will be short lived.

Anyways, after being really depressed... my parents actually wanted to take in more of the Carnival longer until the night. And I wanted to leave!!! That's only because I didn't feel too cool knowing that my cousins were there and that was making me feel so uncomfortable. My parents actually wanted to stick around until 9pm. (My parents are unaware of the situation, I didn't want to ruin their fun) We eventually left at 8pm and I was getting together with my friend, Marlon who was also in town from Miami.

Marlon and I were gonna hit any of the hypest jams in town for that night. I collected the following flyers and we chose to where we were gonna go from there.



$12 cover charge and $2 re-entry

2 rooms
One room playing hip hop/r&b/old school
The other main room playing reggae/soca

Live in concert is Junior Kelly and V.C.


Last Lap Jump Up Fete

$20 cover charge

Live in concert is Bunji Garlin




Live DJs playing include:
DJ JITEN, Natural Mystic, DJ MEAT, Buntayvious

Well, the answer is actually both a) and b). The clubs were virtually beside eachother that we walked between each one. Now, we figured that b) party was going to be the place to be. Bunji Garlin?? C'mon!! He puts out some crazy calypso songs. So we went there when doors opened at 10pm. Nobody's there. And I mean EMPTY. Marlon and I had a drink and decided to check out the party at a) Caribbean Beach Club. It was definitely hoppin'! Lots of people were there and the music was great. So we stuck around there and danced for a bit. Around 12am, we figure we'll take a walk over to Tropical Paradise to see if it was bouncing. We walk in and there's nobody there! And I mean I saw tumbleweeds blowing through the joint! So Marlon and I walk back over to the Caribbean Beach Club and had a blast of a time up until 3am. When we left, we thought we'd check out Tropical Paradise one last time.. and they might as well have drawn a chalk outline around the place. What a disappointment.

This Friday, the WORLD CUP Tournament begins. If you don't already know, Soccer IS the world's most popular sport. It might not be the most exciting to watch as opposed to lets say.. curling...but more countries around the world participate in this sport more than any other. I don't have a special team yet to favour, but I will cheer on Team Canada! Why not?

All the best,


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