CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for March 26 to April 2, 2002

Hey everyone! So things seem to be looking up in KelvinLand! I've accepted a position with Road Tours International (the company that handles the Truth Campains) and I'm still doing all the crazy freelance web site design work. I'm busy and just making rent... but will I make NEXT MONTH's RENT?!??!

This past weekend I was in Orlando just to visit my parents, and lo and behold within 45 minutes of me entering, my father starts going off on me about how I will never amount to anything and that he doesn't see a possible future for me, etc... That was definitely a spirit crusher but my mom cheered me up. By the time I was leaving Orlando, my dad seemed nicer and was helping me put stuff in the car.

If you are wondering why I have a picture of Jiminy Cricket, its because my friend N8 DOGG has a little problem. You see, he has a pet scorpion. The scorpion eats crickets. LIVE Crickets. And even since I was there in Toronto 2 weeks ago, there have been these 2 particular crickets that have survived and have been constantly chirping away. When I looked in the scorpion's den, I swear he looked like he had his 2 pincers over his head and was sobbing. Never before have any crickets survived this long.. and these ones won't stop chirping. I told N8 that maybe the crickets are probably trying to earn his respect by lasting so long and should be set free. But N8 refuses. Plus, maybe the crickets are not aware of the snow that is awaiting them on the outside.

As for my Weekly Thought:
I have about 2 weeks to really decide if I'm staying in Miami for one more year. I have been looking at it like this > > I grew up in Toronto and experienced so many things. I left Toronto to come to Miami to experience a totally new and exciting life that is like one non-stop party. If I get the teaching position in Japan, then would my speed of life slow down? Will I all of a sudden become more mature and ease on my partying and crazy outlook on life? Would I have to change this website to I hope not. I'm pretty sure that I'll be the same crazy guy there and just adapt to my surroundings. The real question is --> Is Japan ready for CrazyKelvin???

All the best,


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