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[ Thought for February 19 - 25, 2003 ]

Greetings cK Fans!!

Welcome to 2003 and my weekly thought. Where I have a lot to say about pop culture and state my world famous opinion on life.

Get the Birthday's Outta The Way...
Okay, besides my 25th Birthday that was celebrated on the 24th, I have to mention all the others who celebrated their birthdays in February. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Moe, Randy, Deva and of course my Uncle Joe.

Toronto Is Still Calling...
It's a week after I got back from Toronto, Ontario and I still can't shake off the feeling of moving back there. No other place do I feel more at home. Sure, people from the south ask, "How can you live in the cold?" The cold doesn't bother me. In Canada life takes more strength. The weather is stronger, the beer is stronger and even the sports are stronger! Anyways, I miss Canada. I definitely can't wait to come back. But the saying is definitely true: You have to leave Canada, make it in the 'States to be recognized at home. I'm still in the process of "making it" here in the US, but I will do it, and once I'm done, I'm coming back home!! (unless some nice company in Florida calls me first!!)

Ya Ya, it actually sounds kind of conceited where I have to wish myself a happy birthday on my own website. But I am happy, and I'm here to tell everyone! Geez.. I'm a whole quarter century! I'm more closer to 30 which isn't too cool, but that's still five years away. This year I spent my birthday living in New York, chilling with family. I didn't really do anything, which wasn't as great as last year's amazing pool party in Miami. Even the year before that I spent walking along the sands of South Beach alone. This year was spent working, and really doing nothing. It was quite depressing actually. Even though I was living in a city where I have so much family. On the weekend, my cousin, Deva had an 18th Birthday party because her birthday fell on the 20th. There was a portion when the family was cutting the cake and said, "Oh, y'know it's Kelvin's birthday too! Let's get him to cut a piece of cake."

Oh ya.. it was a nice gesture, but I'm 25!! This is a big birthday. Wow, I could have been in Toronto with n8 dogg at the Air Canada Center at a live WWE event that was televised around the world. But, I was back in New York, doing ... nothing. Do I sound like I'm a little depressed? Nah.. just let down.

A special thanks to ALL of you who called me and emailed me on my birthday. You know who you are and you are very special to me. You really made my depressing day special!!

One Last Note....
I mainly use this portion of my site to view my opinions and state what's going on in my head. I try not to embarrass anyone or put them in a bad light. Try, being the keyword here. I got an email from my ex girlfriend the other day -- actually ON my birthday that truly broke my heart. For the record, I'm over her. She's met a new guy, she's happy with him and I'm glad she is. We still maintained a cool friendship. When we'd see eachother, it was all good. Now, the latest email that I will let you read for yourself really bugs me. You can even see my previous email to her and how innocent it was. Her replying email to me was very snobbish, and cold. You can be the judge for yourself. I guess this is one of the main reasons why my birthday was depressing.

Background info prior to this e-mail:

  • Ex girlfriend sends me email that she is going to Bordeaux, France for a wine tasting event.

  • She also tells me that she is planning on moving to New York City.

  • I am happy for her and always knew her to be a free spirited person.

  • She tells me she is planning on moving to New York with her boyfriend.

  • I tell her that she shouldn't move to NYC just because her boyfriend wants to, make decisions for herself instead of for others.

Go read the email here!

After reading the email, I think that she misunderstood me, but for a girl that knows me, I think that she reacted very pompously.

All the best,

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