CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for October 29 - November 5, 2001

I'm here adding my weekly entry and the temperatures have dropped everywhere. Even in beautiful, and usually very HOT Miami, the cool temps touched here. It's nothing really cold in comparison to the chills I would be feeling back in Toronto, but its something worth mentioning. The weather forecasters say that the warm temps will return again... but what I'm excited about is that Hurricane Season is finally OVER!!!

 A few other items to mention.. I was one of the possible few who was watching the Michael Jackson Marathon on Saturday. I have to admit it was amazing. They played every Michael Jackson video in its full form. (well.. I didn't see anything from the Black or White album on) Seeing the full Thriller video was awesome.. and then seeing the "making of Thriller" was good too. All of the videos finished at 8pm to debut the newest MJ flick called "Ghosts". At first to me it was pretty good. I was enjoying it.. (for the first 8 minutes).. but 20 minutes later I was like, "That's it??" I expected MJ to do more and be more dazzling instead of doing the same old thing that he's been doing. I know he's got it in him.. I'm just wondering if he's know presenting it in this video.. The video was overall good.. But not one of the MJ vids that you talk about all lunch hour the next day with your co-workers.

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