CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for October 22 - October 29, 2001

Is it really possible to get into the White House and plant Anthrax into the ventilation system? Let me rephrase that question for those of you who did not understand me the first time: Is it REALLY possible to get into the Most Powerful Country in the World's Main Building of Government and plant Anthrax in the ventilation system?!??! Apparently so. How does someone get into a building that you can't even walk into without getting scanned by metal detectors or frisked just if you look suspicious? I guess if possible, you could take one of the White House guided tours and find a ventilation duct somewhere along the tour and slip something in there. (that's what I would guess.. I have never been to the White House for a guided tour..) But I would also assume that there are hundreds of cameras monitoring everyone's movement in there.

This past weekend was my parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. I wonder if I'll ever do that. In this day and age the divorce rate is so high. People are getting married for the wrong reasons or they are just not ready for the commitment. The whole purpose of getting married is to be with that person forever. I've seen many relatives get divorced and I see the impact it has on the children. I don't know what happened to the couple when the originally met and then years later are so tired of each other that they can't wait to seperate. I would love to get married eventually, but as a traditional marriage. Not these Hollywood 2 year deals -- I want what my parents have. 25 years is really big. That's a stepping stone to look back and see what you have accomplished as a couple in those years. For my parents, they raised 2 kids and helped them on thier way. I wonder what my life will be like in 25 years.. will I have any kids, a wife and a lovely home in the suburbs? Who knows... But I can totally wait for it. I'm still young and I have so many things to do before I start living that chapter in my life.


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