CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for October 15 - October 22, 2001

Is it just me or do you also HATE the media. Was it not the MEDIA (NBC, CBS and definately CNN) who were just one week ago telling us that we should not be worried about any Anthrax scares...that its next to impossible that anything of that type of chemical warfare could happen. That Anthrax can only be developed in special labs. Was it NOT the media (60 MINUTES on CBS) that recently did an entire report on how to bomb the U.S.'s Nuclear Power Stations and how that would create more tragic numbers than on September 11th? And they said again that,"the possibility of that happening is next to nothing..." Why do we even listen to these stupid news people? Sure we want to informed about what's going on, and such.. but how do we REALLY know what they are reporting is the truth? What if CNN is just stimulating war? I know that what happened on September 11th was uncalled for and justice should definately be sought out. But I don't think that we need to know the EXACT steps the US Military is taking on finding out the terrorists... Keep that a secret! The Terrorists have TVs and Radios too!

I actually work in Boca Raton. It's crazy to think that just a few miles there was an ANTHRAX attack. What if that was a NUCLEAR BOMB? I would definately be finished. This is sooo crazy. Oh well.. I'm still going to be making an appearance in Orlando, Florida on the 21st of October. There will be no autograph sessions this time, the West Oaks Mall hasn't cleared security precautions as of yet. So my autograph and picture session will be rescheduled.

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I read your weekly thoughts and I agree. I've been saying that there should be a news blackout on the military aspect for a long time. It was done for Bernardo, and this is a little more important. Sadam, they have admitted, stayed out of there reach because he got CNN and knew what they were doing. Can we really afford to lose this guy (Osama) in the same way?

And what about here at home in North America? This is where the most coverage should be, so that everyone knows who and what they're looking for in these very troubled times, and yet there's no more information about the investigation. Don't get me wrong, the safety Anthrax information is important, but if we were told who and what to look for, we may already have the culprits as well as finding other terrorist threats.

Oh well, that's my weekly rant, in response to yours, heh.

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