November 24 - December 8, 2003
It's time again for my world famous weekly thought.
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Chris Moyles Radio Show Switches To Mornings
Every day when I get into work, I sit at my desk, go to the BBC Radio 1 website and then work listening to the Chris Moyles Show. Its the drive home hour in London by that time is on the air, and just beginning of my work day over here. I stumbled across this show when I was living in Toronto and searching for music to listen to while I worked. One of the Real Player presets was the BBC Radio 1 livestream, so I tuned into there. That was in 2000. I have been a loyal listener since. The Chris Moyles show is a radio program that involves lots of comedy and dry humour. Its part of my radio listening routine. On my way to work, I listen to Howard Stern on my walkman, when I pull into work, I switch 5 time Chris Moyles Radio Showzones over for the Chris Moyles Show. Anyways, the big news is that after being on the air for 5 years, BBC Radio 1 has decided that on January 5th (or the 5th of January as Chris Moyles wants us to remember) the show will be moved to weekday mornings. That's bad for me now.. if I listen to the Moyles Show at 11am Eastern Standard Time (which + 5 hours is at 4pm in London) then now I must tune in at 6am my time to catch his show?!?! No way!! Well lucky for me, BBC Radio 1 does archive their radio programs. I just hope that they will continue to do so for the Moyles show even though its a daily program. So is that how you measure a success in radio? If you get the morning timeslot? That's the big superbowl of radio program schedules to strive for? Think about where you live in the world. Do you believe that your morning radio station's on-air personalities are the station's very best for that timeslot? Well, if I don't get to catch the Chris Moyles Show in the new year, I'll surely miss it. Chris kept me very entertained during the gloomyiest days at work! Good luck Chris Moyles

Who Is Marisia?
WHO + KELVIN?Lately I was on my way home from work and stopped by Rockville Center's Long Island Rail Road Station. I was there waiting for a bus when I looked to one of the station's pillars. I noticed my name -- what was even more coincidental was that there was a heart around it and another name above it. Apparently there is another KELVIN out there and he has some girl that has a crush on him. I looked in closer and tried to read her name. I think it might be Marisia, but I could be wrong. The person also etched in the date 10/03/03 underneath the names. Do I have a mystery admirer that I'm unaware of? Or is there another Kelvin in New York who is chasing after this Marisia girl. I have a zoomed in picture to see if you can figure out the lovestruck girl's name:

This Is Wrong....
Even though Michael Jackson hasn't been to court for any of the chid mollestation charges, somebody sent me the following picture this week and I had to include it because I burst out laughing....

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