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[ Thought for November 26 - Dec. 10, 2002 ]

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CrazyKelvin At the 2002 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
If someone told me five years ago that I was going to be in New York City for the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I wouldn't have believed them. But now, I actually did it! CrazyKelvin was there!! I wanted to take my mischevious little cousins to it, but that meant waking up at 3am, so I could get on the 5:15am train to Manhattan. To my surprise, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2002 the little munchkins woke up and were very eager to go. Everyone warned me how cold it would be, so we walked with two blankets and wore layers of clothes. We arrived in Manhattan just after 6am and got a perfect spot directly in front of the Macy's Department Store avoiding the massive crowd that would later come when the parade commenced at 9am. We set up our little blankets right along the metal barriers and beside me there was a guy who looked like he was there about an hour before us. His name was Brent and was from a town outside of Detroit. This was his second time at the parade. Beside him, there were two cute girls from Bayonne, New Jersey named, Tracy and Rachel.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2002 Our view was wayyy too good to be true. Eventually at 7am, some cops came and told us that we had to relocate because the space we were in was for people who bought tickets. So Tracy took charge and led our little group to a better location. We continued to walk until we found an empty space on the west side corner of Broadway and 40th Street. That's where we set up our blankets. Boy, if we didn't dress up in multiple layers, we would have froze to death. We were quite cold as it is, and began to feel our toes freezing while waiting for the parade to start. Slowly, more people came and there was a family that set up right behind us from Seattle, Washington. They had come to see their daughters perform in the parade. They were the fourth band in line. Brent, Tracy, Rachel and the family from Seattle made up the little group that would stick together throughout the parade.

Macy's Thanksgiving Turkey It seemed like forever when this parade was going to commence. In the time we spent waiting, we all got to know more about eachother. I wish I took pictures of our little group, instead I finished two rolls of film on the people and balloons in the parade. Eventually around 9:30am the parade was underway and reached where we were. Floats and balloons and CLOWNS. There were so many clowns at that parade it was ridiculous. I definitely have respect for everyone who came out there to participate in the parade. It was so chilly and all just to wish everyone present a happy thanksgiving. Our group was sooo hyped up and cheered on everyone and every celebrity that passed. People like opera singer Josh Brogman, r&b singer Ashanti, Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin and so many more. When Josh Brogman came out, his float stopped right in front of our group and we all chanted, "SING JOSH SING!" He looked over at our group and "Milli Vanilli'd" to the song that was playing over the float's loudspeaker. It was very exciting and after so much shouting, I lost my voice by the end of the day. The parade was over around 11:35am. That's when you see Santa Claus coming on the last float. After waving to Santa and telling him that we've been good, our little group exchanged hugs and mentioned the idea of meeting at the same place again next year. If I had the digital camera that day, I'd have all the photos I took up for display right now. I totally recommend that everyone (if they can) go to a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at least ONCE in your life. Its much better being there than watching it on television.

: cK Mobile :
Motorola V70 I've finally gotten my own personal cell phone here in New York. I got the new Motorola V70 with a rate plan of 600 anytime minutes, with Unlimited Evenings and Weekends. Apparently here in the U.S., the evenings begin at 9pm as opposed to the 7pm I used to have with my Clearnet phone in Canada. Which reminds me, I'd like to send a special shout out to Sonia at Telus Mobility in Toronto that helped me with my account. She really made me smile while helping me sort out my current contract. The phone I have now I could have received free, "if" my credit rating was rated as either an "A", "B" or "C" class. My rating was a "T" class. I don't know how bad that is, but I had to pay a deposit. They told me that a person that has lots of credit cards and owes a lot of money has a better credit rating than me. (wtf?!?!) Just because I don't have a bad (or good) credit history, it makes my credit rating lower. Geeez.

Miss World Finalist 1967
Shakira Baksh at the Miss World Pageant 1967
Shakira Baksh of Guyana (3rd)
Madeleine Hartog-Bel of Peru (winner)
Maria Sabaliuskas of Argentina (2nd)
I was with my aunt lately and we were watching television together. There was a commercial for the latest Austin Powers movie, "Goldmember". There was a clip where Mike Myers sees his dad, played by Oscar winning actor, Michael Caine. My aunt turns to me and tells me, "Y'know Michael Caine is married to a Miss World Finalist?" As I later learned, Michael Caine is married to Shakira Baksh, a 1967 Miss World Finalist who placed third. (Peru won that year) My aunt claims to know Shakira's mother. Shakira grew up in Guyana, South America and after the stardom of the Miss World Pageant, she moved to London. She did a television commercial for Maxwell House coffee, which Michael Caine saw and then persued her. The rest is history. You can read a little more about her in my Featured Female column on the right.

cK's Goes to CHINA....Club!
Rosi and Theresa Speaking of beauty queens, my cousin Rosi, Theresa and Steve all went out to the China Club in Manhattan this past Friday night. It was a going away party for Theresa. It was like the first time I've seen her since March 2001. She is leaving New York to live in Florida. We all partied hard and had a great time. The night was mad cold and I wish I brought my digital camera into the club with me, but Steve advised that I leave it at his place for safety. After dancing the night away, we all went home. I got to my bed at 7am and had to get to work for 10am!! Eeek... I actually made it to work and survived the day. As soon as I finished work... I came home and just slept!

cK's Weekly Thought
This week's thought is all about timing. I have some decisions to make concerning my future here in New York. In the few months I've already spent here, I found a part time job at Costco, got a library card to gain internet access, been to Madison Square Garden, Ground Zero and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My only problem here is that by living at my aunt's house, I am caught in between some political dispute between relatives who think I shouldn't be here. I moved to New York in search of new things, opportunity and to get to know my family that lives here a bit more. I have accomplished half of those things and now really have to question if I can stay here any longer living with relatives who don't really want me here in the first place. I can tell you the honest truth. I miss Miami a lot. I miss Toronto even more, but I couldn't go back to either of them unless I have a job waiting for me there. One of the downfalls of moving all over the place and not really having a set home is that you make a lot of friends and then leave. My nomadic lifestyle has kept me away from long term relationships and made me feel lonely many times. If I could, I would move back to Toronto tomorrow and go back to the life I left that cold December of 2000. But that's asking for too much. People have changed, the jobs are no longer there and my amazing life as a web designer no longer exists. I have to re-create myself, think of something where I can use all of my web designing, talk radio show, teaching, office and sales experience. Is there such a job? If there is, I definitely thought it would be in New York City. So far, nobody here is biting on my fishing line. Maybe my future lies in a small town, instead of the big cities I have been chasing after.

Merlin Santana Lastly, sadly to report that on November 9th, 2002, the actor known as Merlin Santana died of gunshot wounds while sitting in his car in Los Angeles. On November 11, police arrested an unidentified woman in connection with his murder. Santana was on The Cosby Show as one of Rudy's friends. His latest role was "Romeo" on the top rated "Steve Harvey Show".

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cK's Weekly Thought
cK's Featured Female
Shakira Caine
Shakira Caine

Miss World 1967 Finalist

From: Guyana, South America
Birth Name: Shakira Baksh
Husband: Michael Caine

In 1972 Michael Caine saw Shakira Baksh in an advert for Maxwell House coffee and decided then and there that he was in love with her. He immediately made enquiries to find out who she was, expecting to have to travel to Brazil to meet her. Actually, she lived only a short distance away from him in London. Michael got her telephone number and asked her out and on 8th January 1973 they married in Las Vegas. They have now been married 28 years and they have a daughter called Natasha. Many people in Hollywood know Shakira from her jewelry shop days in Hollywood in the 1980s. A former beauty queen in her native Guyana, Shakira starred with Caine in The Man Who Would be King. The film, based on a work by Rudyard Kipling and directed by John Huston, was an acclaimed hit. But, while most of its performances won raves, Shakira Caine came in for many rotten reviews. She decided to give up the movies. But as a home-maker she could win an Oscar for every year of her marriage. Many believe the Caine marriage is one of the most successful marriages in show business.

Miss World Pageant 1967 Click here for larger image
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