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[ Thought for November 5-12, 2002 ]

Hey CK Fans...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY N8 DOGG!!! Even though I h8 him!!! < < < First off I have to say a special Happy Birthday to my arch nemesis and big bro, N8 Dogg. I wish him all the best and many more "n8 day's" to come.

Dance Night Out
Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited by Tony & Serena to a friend's dance performance at the Dance Space Center in SOHO. We arrived there with enough time to meet up with other friends before showtime. I was introduced to Tony's friend, Tim and his lovely mother. Her and I may end up going to Queen's College together. I also met Jen & Greg. Greg is taking motorcycle instruction classes soon - him and I talked a little about my days in Miami and desired motorcycles. Jen is a bright-eyed sweetie who loves to talk and has a great sense of humour.

So showtime arrived and I wasn't sure if I was gonna get a seat along with all the cool people I met. Space was limited and the due to the seating plan, I was split up from my new group. Just when I sat in my seat, I noticed that I could sit on the floor right up at front on some cushions. I thought that would be much more comfortable than to sit on a steel chair for 2 hours. So Jen, Greg and myself went right to the front and seated ourselves right on the floor. Besides me, there were these two really cute girls. Their names were Posy & Lauren. Posy was the first one to talk to me asking if I was a dancer, and I told her that I wasn't a professional, but I can dance. After 20 more questions, we both found out that this was our first time being here and we knew nobody performing that night.

During each performance, everyone in attendance viewing the show was given a piece of paper to write feedback about the choreography, dance movements, etc. There were 8 seperate performances in all. Unfortunately, there was no flash photography allowed. So I was unable to take any pictures of the amazing dance performances that I witnessed that evening. I could only use my camera after the show. So I did.

Below are the photos I took outside the dance studio after the performance. Maylin Hago, Michael Kidney, and Jennifer Medina all performed "His Sadness" which was choreographed by Jessica Hoch. This was the debut performance of "The J. Hoch Dance Company".

Dancers From The J. Hoch Dance Company
Maylin and Friend, Micheal and Jennifer

Maylin and Serena
Maylin and Serena

Drug Deal Going Down on Broadway
Tony, Greg and Tim Up To No Good On Broadway

My Little Sister *Angie* as Elvira -Hallowe'en 2002
My Little Sister *Angie* as Elvira
My little sister, Angie in Miami, sent me this photo of her as she was dressed up as "Elvira" for Hallowe'en. ( No, this is not what she looks like all the time! ) She is a little sweetie. It looks like she put a lot of effort into this. Unlike me this year, I wasn't dressed up at all. I was just on my way home from Connecticut that night. Maybe next year I'll get all dressed up and participate in the Hallowe'en Parade in Greenwich Village here in New York. Or... who knows where I'll be next year. I could be back in Toronto going to "Screamers" at Exhibition Place like I did every year with the rest of my nWo Toronto crew. If you have a pic of your Hallowe'en costume this year that you'd like to share, don't hesitate to send it!

Playaz Card
According to "The Guinness Book Of World Records 2003", the most expensive credit card to own is the American Express Centurion. (aka The Black Card) American Express BLACK Card This card has a $1000/year annual fee and you must earn a minimum of $215,000 a year to even qualify for it. This is a card that you cannot apply for, its by invitation only! The card is designed for individuals who travel frequently, eat out and like to entertain. So for those "ballers" who are posing with their Gold and Platinum cards - that means nothing, until you have the BLACK card.

cK's Weekly Thought
If you haven't noticed by now, my website needs a little redesign to get ready for 2003. But unfortunately, I don't have my computer with all my magic software to produce it. It is still left in Florida where its currently collecting dust. Due to recent demand for my web skillz, I may have to return to Florida briefly via a rental car to pick up my stuff. I also have lots of my winter clothes in Orlando that is doing me no use there. I really need them as New York is beginning to get more and more chilly as the days go by. I know that when or if I make this return trip to Florida, my little mom will try to keep me and make me stay again. That can't happen now. I really need to break free and maintain some distance.

In other news, my best friend N8 Dogg just celebrated his birthday. When I broke free from Florida, part of the idea was to return to Toronto just in time to make it there to help N8 celebrate. But, that didn't happen. I'm still here in New York. If I had the money in time, I would have flown up to see him and just party with him one day, then return to New York. But him too, wouldn't let me leave --- he'd keep me in Toronto. Now this is where I'm torn. I love Toronto, and I also love Miami... but New York is just so far a learning adventure. I can actually see myself build something here in the future. I want to live here for a few more months before I know what I want to do. I still say to my heart that I will return to Toronto, and I know I will... the only question is when? I don't know if I will be as warmly welcomed there when I do decide to come back as if I did now, but when I do, at least I'll have 2 other places to go back to if Toronto decides that I'm no longer one of their own.

All the best,

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cK's Weekly Thought
cK's Featured Female
Deika Morrison
Deika Morrison

From: Jamaica, West Indies
Year of Birth: 1972

DEIKA MORRISON, economist and environmental scientist, will be the youngest woman in the Jamaican Senate, when sittings resume.

The 30-year-old Campion College and University of Pennsylvania graduate was among two new Senators appointed last week by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson to Parliament's Upper House. Ms. Morrison was also named by Mr. Patterson as one of two Ministers of State in the Finance and Planning Ministry.

Although only 30, Ms. Morrison has had years of experience under her belt working in the public sector. Between 1998 and 2000, while working for the National Water Commission, she developed a pilot project proposal for revenue collection in delinquent inner-city communities. She also initiated, structured and facilitated implementation of a water supply joint venture project and participated in the formulation of the Water Sector Policy. Additionally, Ms. Morrison promoted and facilitated private sector participation in the water sector through interfacing with representatives of multi-lateral agencies, the private sector, public sector, the political directorate and community organisations. She was Executive Assistant to Finance and Planning Minister Dr. Omar Davies from 1996 to 1997 and worked as an environmental scientist with the South Florida Water Management District, 1994-1995. The newly-appointed Senator has served on the Board of the Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission and Union Bank Holding Company Limited as Director and Chairman of the Information Technology and Y2K sub-committees. Her political activities include active participation in the People's National Party (PNP), as a member of the Outreach and Recruitment Commission and a member of the Executive Committee. Her special interests include sovereign debt, venture capital financing, promotion of private sector participation in the public sector, inner-city community development, and motivating youth participation in national development and service.

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