CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for November 19 - December 3, 2001

Greetings! CrazyKelvin was back in Toronto last week for the US Thanksgiving holiday. I drove up the 20 hour drive with my family to take care of some financial matters. After taking care of business, I went up to nWo Toronto HQ to see N8 Dogg and Raging Bull.

We went out and had some fun which included going out to see the latest Martin Lawrence movie called, BLACK KNIGHT. Dayum!! I laughed soooo hard it hurt. After checking that movie, we met up with Trini Smurf and friend to go to the Guvernment nite club. We must have been in luck cuz we also met up with TAZEMASTER there. All in all, lots of memorable fun that will all return when CrazyKelvin returns to Toronto.

First thing that's on my mind. This Britney Spears song. ("Slave") I will agree that its very catchy and the video is quite interesting but c'mon now, I'm still not buying into the super-mega-marketing machine that is Britney Spears. In her song, "Slave", she begins to say how that she's no longer a little girl and that she's got feelings too, etc.. When I hear her music and see her videos, she's still a little Disney Mousekateer to me. She still doesn't look legal to me (if that makes any sense). So the bottom line to my thought about her new song is that I'm not believing the hype.

Next thought is this new Lexus that is out. The ES300. I honestly think this is the UGLYIEST car of 2002. I'm sure that this car would have been a great hit (design-wise) 5 years ago, but to me, its nothing new or special. It's design has been done. It's bland. It's boring. Time to pass it up for the new Jaguar X-Type.


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