CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for November 12 - November 19, 2001

Did you know that there are still 4000 people missing in the rubble of the World Trade Center? That is totally tragic. It won't be until late next year when Ground Zero will be cleaned up. You can view a collection of photos that I have posted up in a gallery. These pics are from e-mails and from around the net. Click here to go the WTC Aftermath Photos.

Am I the only one thinking this, but are BET Comics getting more and more worse? I remember a time when I would watch BET Comic View and the comics were actually pretty funny. In those days, they had Cedric "the Entertainer", Don D.C. Curry, Shang, and others like that. Now, they have 2 bit comics whose jokes are sooooooooo tired. They virtually repeat the same EXACT act. Honestly, I've tried to watch it and enjoy myself, but everytime I do watch it, I get so angry I change the channel because I can't believe how played out their act is. The only moment that I actually giggle is when they come back from a commercial and you see the host, (who is it? Earthquake, Bruce Bruce? Same thing...) standing in the center while some fine hunies dance around him.

This past weekend I was out and about at the Miami Bayside taking in the sites and sounds with my parents who came down to visit. I had an alright time. The night was a bit chilly and reminded me of a Toronto Autumn evening. I didn't think that Miami had temperatures like that here.

  I have added a search function at the home page of this site. If you want to find anything specific in this site, type it in the search box and it should find it for you. I'm in the process of putting it up on every page, but of course, that takes some time.

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