CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for November 5 - November 12, 2001

Last week I was sooo happy that Hurricane Season was finally over... Oops.. it seems that I spoke too soon. This past weekend Hurricane Michelle came about leveled Cuba and was heading for the Florida Keys and Miami. Well, we were so lucky that only the far outside of the Hurricane winds (tropical storm category) only hit us here. It was MY first sample of what a hurricane is all about, and yes.. it was scary.

CrazyKelvin Affiliate N8 Dogg created this downloadable wallpaper "just to be nice to me" as he put it. It's really funny and even if you don't want to download your own, its still fun to just check out. And where do you see more cool wallpapers created by N8 Dogg? Go to


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Heres my response to your weekly thought ... U RASS!!!! hurricane mic(heh)lle. "just to be nice" I like the map ... prime seats. BTW in wrestling news Helen Hart passed on Sunday. (in Rass Report). U cant link the wallpaper to the graphic straight from tripod. send the link to wallpaper page or download it and put it on ur virtaul ave server. ... (its not so much work) -- why is me doing something nice for u, so hard? I am scared to think of my duties for u at your wedding -- u rass might ded me.
-Mystikill5/nWo n8 Dogg/ph@ rass/FBM (Fabolous Bubba Magoo)/DJ ICE/Brown Caesar/nWo phatrass

CrazyKelvin's Response to that Response:
As you can see, the infamous N8 Dogg took a break from his heavy drinking to type me a message. Nobody knows what he's talking about.. it appears he is just spewing some drunken ramblings. If you think that there are any "inside" jokes here, be assured I'm just as lost as anyone else reading this.

And yes.. on a final note.. CrazyKelvin and the rest of nWo Toronto are going to WRESTLEMANIA X8!!!!!! Co-executive N8 had used his corporate connections to obtain prime seats to the biggest event of 2002. As you can see on the picture, our group will be in in the 205 section. If you click on the picture, you can see exactly where we will be sitting.

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