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[ Thought for March 25 - April 8, 2003 ]

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cK and Evil E. Go To WrestleMania?!?!?
Well last year, I actually did go to Wrestlemania with the N8 Dogg when it was held in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. This year it was held in Seattle, Washington and there was no way I was gonna go out there... well unless N8 could go. Anyways, I watched it in Long Island at my cousin Serena's place. Her and her fiancee, Tony were throwing a little Wrestlemania party stocked with beer and pizza. Eric and I were there and had a blast getting caught up in the crazy excitement that is called sports entertainment. Four hours later, after we were exhausted, I had to drive Eric home back to Jamaica, Queens. I had to choose which vehicle to borrow:

a) My aunt's 1992 Chevy Custom Van
b) My aunt's 1996 Nissan Sentra

It was either one of those, or send Eric back on the Long Island Rail Road.
So I opted for selection a), the van. I chose it because it heats up real fast and it was a cold night. So there we are driving towards the Van Wyck Expressway (about 8 minutes from the house) and all of a sudden, the radio shuts off by itself. Eric and I looked and thought how weird that was. Then the engine starts to lose power, I could feel it in the foot pedal. The van then conks out and stalls. I pulled over to the side of the road and the van died right under an overpass. Now, I didn't know what to think. This has never happened to me before. So I check the gas, there's still a 1/4 tank left, I try and start it back and it wouldn't. Was it the battery? Was it the engine? Who knows? So I immediately call Tony and Serena who I just left a few minutes ago. They told me that the van has Triple A and I should call them. So I called my aunt and told her what happened. She was cool and told me to call some number and that she had a roadside assistance program. So I called it. They asked me my location and they told me that they would have a tow truck out to where I am in about 45 minutes to an hour.

It was about 1am when we stalled. It was now just about 2am when we got a phone call from the roadside assistance telling us that a tow truck CANNOT come and rescue us because we are on a restricted highway. They then gave us another number to call to find out if they can help us. Just our luck, the phone number rang out and nobody answered. So I called back Tony and Serena to tell them that I didn't get any help from the roadside assistance people. Of course, the phone rang out there too.

Eric and I were real cold. We were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Cars and trucks passed us at too fast a speed to even stop to help us. We even saw NYPD cruisers speeding passed us and not even acknowledging that we were there. It was almost hopeless. Nobody was going to come and get us. So Eric and I decided to walk back. Maybe just to the house so I can at least use the Nissan Sentra and get him home. On our cold and windy walk back, we came across a 24 hour McDonalds. The only thing 24 hour about it is the drive thru. They would not talk to us when we tried to communicate to the employees through the glass. So we continued our walk.

As we were walking, we heard some faint music. It was like hip hop or something. We decided to follow it. It appeared to be coming from a building that had a lot of cars parked around it. As we got closer, we saw a sign that said, "CLUB A". So we decided to walk in and see if there was anyone who could help us. When we opened the door, there were like 4 huge big black bouncers there. Before I could even say anything, one of them said,

"Sorry guys, this is a HAITIAN party only!"

That's when I told them, "No, no, no! I'm not here to jam. I came looking for a boost. Our car broke down outside."

So one of bouncers decided to come outside and take a look. When he came outside, he was like, "So where is your car?" We then told him that it was up the road on the highway. The bouncer then asked us,

"If I drive you guys back to your car and give you a boost, what's in it for me?"

Since I wasn't really carrying money to drop Eric home, I told him that we'd pay him about $20, but we'd have to stop by an ATM to pick it up. The bouncer guy wasn't happy to hear that. He thought that the whole deal was going to be too much trouble. But, he drove us to the van anyways. So we got to the van and he hooked up some jumper cables to the van's battery and gave us a boost. We told him how we were just coming back from watching Wrestlemania. His attitude appeared to change after we told him that, he somehow felt sorry for us or something. As soon as I got the van started, he told us to not worry about the $20 and just get home safely. We were shocked, we told him that we'd will come back with some money, but he insisted that we not pay him and just try and get home before the van dies again.

Eric and I were soooo grateful. The bouncer's name was Gerard. If you are ever near JFK airport and hear about a "Club A" around there, go and visit it and say HI to him.

Coming This Spring...
I can't remember who sent this to me, but thanks! I had to share this with everyone...

Aisha Tyler Search!
I lately got an email from a producer at MTV looking for old Aisha Tyler clips from her previous show of Talk Soup>. I was flattered that they wanted MY help, as if I was some sort of Aisha expert or something.
Aisha Tyler
Apparently, she wasn't the ONLY person to email me about Aisha. Another person, who browsed by my Aisha Tyler Fan Site sent me an email looking for old tapes of Talk Soup! What is this?!?! Why me? I just did this site for fun and now because I have a few pics of her, I'm the expert?!?! What about my interest in cars or music?! Where was MTV then!?!? These were the following emails:

Hi Kelvin,
I am a producer for MTV and am trying to track down a copy of a Talk Soup episode. I came across your website when I did a google search for Talk Soup, and thought you might be able to help me. Do you have any episodes on tape, or do you know who might? Please let me know! Thanks a lot,

Kim Tolman

Hi, I visited your Aisha Tyler website and I think it's great. I've been looking everywhere for the complete collection of her episodes of Talk Soup. Since you seem like such a devoted fan, I was wondering if you had them on tape. Either way, please let me know. Thanks!!!!


I get a lot of other emails from devoted Aisha fans asking her current whereabouts. Honestly, I don't know. But if you do know anything, or even have any old Talk Soup tapes, I will connect you with the people above who will pay you for it.

Bronx Night Clubs, Biker Gangs and HPNOTIQ
One of the cool things about staying and working in the Bronx is meeting all the cool types of people that live there. Recently, my friend, Eric was invited by one of his old clients to an "office party" being held at a nightclub called the "Casbah" (or was it the Casbar?). Anyways, we took the 6 train and got off at Zerega Avenue in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx. When we arrived at the door, Eric met his old client right at the front. She was actually working for the place and still charged us $5 to get in. There in fact was no office party. Just a regular Friday night... or WAS IT??

Eric paid her and we both go in. We pull up a chair at the bar. The place was real nice. It wasn't big, but it was snazzy looking. There wasn't much people there yet at 10pm, but who was there were mostly guys. We noticed that there was a table to our right that had catered food. So we took some. The night progressed and there was an overwhelming amount of guys coming into the place. There were just a handful of ladies. There was a group of 3 very attractive girls that came right beside us and ordered some drinks. Eric asked them their opinion of a good drink to get. All of the girls recommended we get a drink called, HPNOTIQ. (pronounced - "HIP-NOT-EEK") You know, like the word hypnotic. So Eric and I order a shot of it. Boy oh Boy! That stuff was great! It has a teal looking colour and tastes just a little fruity yet you can feel the alcohol too. The girls beside us were mixing their HPNOTIQ with Hennessey. The two mixed together generates a bright green colour that becomes a drink called the INCREDIBLE HULK. I knew I wasn't ready for that just yet. I was still enjoying my basic blue beverage.

As the night went on, I noticed that many of the groups of guys were wearing the same t-shirt. On the t-shirt was a symbol. It was a shield of some sort with the letters: "U T R" on it. So I asked one of the guys and they told its the symbol for their BIKER GANG!!! Apparently, tonight was a biker gang night. As I looked around, there were other motorcylce clubs with 40 to 50 guys each! The main guy I met for the UTR group was named, Bonez. He told me that UTR stood for "Untouchable Ryderz". This was the Long Island chapter of the group. They all seemed real cool and explained to me more about "rockets" (Suzuki,Kawasaki) and "hoggs" or "cruisers" (Harleys). The UTR has a website at

Eric and I were feeling pretty good after those few drinks. Eric then told me about another place around the area that we could go to that would be cool. So we left the club and walked just about 5 minutes up Westchester Avenue to a place called Johnny O's. As soon as we entered through the door, we were overwhelmed by how much people were there crammed into this little place with bachata and salsa pounding through the speakers. This place was definitely happening. We squeezed our way until we made it to where the main dance area was at the back. Eric got 2 more HPNOTIQs from the bar and we proceeded to the dance floor. The music was excellent. The DJ mixed all types of dance stuff like reggae, techno and some danceable hip hop (50 cent) for the crowd to groove to. The first girl I met on the dance floor was named, Cynthia. She was cute and I noticed had her eye on me ever since I stepped into the club. I danced with her for while until her friend took over for her. I danced with both of them until the music set changed. At that moment I went to the outdoor patio in the back where everyone who had to smoke went. (New York City law lately passed banned smoking from indoor clubs/bars) That's where I saw Eric talking with some girl. I sat beside them and joined their conversation. It was nice to be outside to get some cool air. Eric got up to get more drinks while I kept the girl he met company. Just then, some "army dudes" dressed in fatigues came outside to get a smoke. There was about 6 of them with their sargeant or some high rank official. They just came from the Kingsbridge Armory from training. As I talked with them, they told me how that they are on call next to go out if needed in Iraq. I was so impressed with how brave they were. Out of the group, there was this one girl. She was cute as well. She told me how I could use my computer knowledge in the army. The girl beside me was a registered nurse and they were telling her that she would be a big help to them.

Anyways, I had a great time there and can't wait to go back to Johnny O's.

One More Thing...
It was a week later since Eric and I had our little van breaking down incident. The situation came up where I had to drive by Eric's house and pick up from Jamaica Station and take him home. I took my aunt's Nissan Sentra and my cousin Andrew came along. Jamaica station is like a 15 minute drive from where I am. To get there, I have to take the Van Wyck Expressway. I was just getting ready to show my cousin exactly where I broke down the previous week when...

Well.. can you even guess?

It's not like we broke down, but someone else in virtually the exact same spot broke down. I had to stop. Those poor people were probably waiting for a tow truck that was never coming. So as I pulled to the side of the road, I asked them if they needed any assistance. They told me that they already called a tow truck and were waiting for it. I informed them that there wasn't one coming and they were better off just going home now. So they called the police one more time, and they confirmed a tow truck wasn't coming. My cousin, Andrew and I helped push the people's vehicle off the shoulder on the grass and I then gave the people a quick drive home. I only did it because I didn't want them to go through what I did the week before.

HI Shelley, HI LORI!!!

All the best,

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