CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for March 12 to March 19, 2002

Greetings everyone!
I had such a great weekend...On Friday night I was out chillin' with the Sarah (aka Dream Fairy). We went for a nice walk around downtown Hollywood, Florida where we went to Walgreens and bought lots of chocolate to devour before we went dancing. The Dream Fairy bought a 10 pack of Snickers bite size bars, while I bought a 6 pack of Turtles chocolates and a bottle of chocolate milk. Man.. that was good.. We went to this club called Deco Drive where we jammed the night away! As a bonus, the evening at that club was sponsored by Remy Martin. They were giving out free drinks for us to try their champagne cognac. I had one of their mixed drinks and it was soooooo liquoured up that I didn't like it. Maybe it was the way the bartender did it. But all in all, it was a fantastic night.
Saturday night I was chillin' with Liza and Marlon. We went down to Coconut Grove and were at a place called Monty's. (if you have never been to Miami, and were thinking of going sometime, well this is a great place to meet people) I couldn't believe how many females were at this place. It was just great!! Anyways, I had a great time as usual.

Okay, time for Ck's Weekly Thought:
This week I finally booked a flight to Toronto for Wrestlemania this weekend. I went to, and Can I tell you that NONE of them were giving me any deals like was giving me???? Basically, all of the other sites were quoting me return fares for like $500 to $1,500!!! That's ridiculous! At Travelocity, I got a return fare for only $240.00!!!! They are great and I totally recommend them. I usually go through Expedia for my online bookings, but this time.. they didn't help me.

Right now I'm a bit depressed... and at the same time I'm a bit excited too..
I don't want to delay this too much but it seems that my time here in Miami is coming to an end. Lately, I had a conversation with my parents over the phone where they said that I haven't accomplished anything and they think that whatever I'm doing I'm wasting my time.
I'm sure this would hurt anyone coming from people that they have been trying to impress since they were born. I don't remember my dad ever telling me that he's proud of me, for anything. That definitely hurts. I don't usually talk much about my family life here, but this is what's really on my mind and is surely bugging me.

I have lately accepted a position with DS MAX Advertising and I'm a looking for a new outlook on life, but that means I would have to stay here in Miami. As much as I'd love to, I think that to get away from the stronghold of my parents I have to escape back to Canada. I don't have any positions waiting for me in Canada, but I'm sure I can flip some burgers if that's the price of a peace of mind.

Other than that... I go to Toronto to go against my nemisis, N8 Dogg to challenge him for his nWo Toronto Hardcore Championship. Yes, yes.. my friends and I have nothing better to do with our time than to fight each other for frivilous trophies. Hopefully, this trip to Toronto will bring back a smile to my sorrowed soul.

All the best,


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