[ Thought for June 4 - 11, 2002 ]

Hey CK fans!
It's the first week of June... do you know what that means? Yep.. its HURRICANE SEASON!! Weather experts predict that there will be 3 major storms to hit the US this season. Hurricane Season does not end up until the end of October.

Do any of you watch cricket? No.. I'm not talking about the little insect that chirps in the night. I'm talking about the actual sport. I was watching the Cricket One Day International Test Series between England vs. Sri Lanka and also the game between West Indies vs. India Test Series. During the England game, (that was being played in England) it was nice to see that in the crowd, there was a person wearing an nWo shirt. (thanks!) The West Indies match was played in Trinidad, where the West Indies Team defeated India once and lost twice to them losing the series.

Besides that sport that no North Americans care about, lets move onto another sport that no North Americans care about.. and that is... Soccer! (aka football or futball everywhere else)

Yep, the World Cup is here and the rest of the planet is all psyched up. I was cheering for Team Canada but recently found out that they didn't make it. So how am I going to choose a team to root for now? Well.. here's a simple solution... my cousin in Toronto, (hi Lisa!) emailed me the "Women of the World Cup". That's right.. I am gonna choose my team by the girl who is representing them!

So here we go! Below are the fantastic women each representing their home country team. This apparently is an approach to create interest in the World Cup. (or is it?) Well, you can choose with me below:
full size pic
full size pic
full size pic
full size pic
full size pic

Other countries in the World Cup that are not represented are: Belgium, Cameroon, China PR, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Republic of Ireland, Japan, Korea Republic, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey and the USA.

Judging from the umm.... fan support and umm.. (ahem).. amazing players, I am going to root on for MEXICO!

Last week, I was listing the different flyers from the after parties of the Orlando Caribbean Carnival. But there was one that really stood out from the rest of them. It was a jam I didn't hit for reasons like: DJ MEAT was playing there, there were no real live acts performing and that it appeared to be more likely a place to get shot than to drink shots.

One of the items that also had me laughing was definitely the flyer. If you look closely at the city scape, there are 2 distinct buildings. A Scotiabank building and a Bank of Montreal building. Now there's only one city that has both of those towers beside each other. And its NOT ORLANDO! Orlando has about a total of what -- 2 skyscrapers?! This backdrop is obviously Toronto. Why are they trying to play like Orlando is really a big city? Who are they fooling? Why don't they just put a big backdrop of Disney's Cinderella Castle and just be honest, because one of the things I have learned about Orlando, is that "Mickey" runs this town. When Mickey says that bars should close at 2am, then the rest of Orlando must follow. Yep... it's like that.

Lately, I have been grooving to this new artist called Michelle Branch. Her sound is similar to Alanis Morisette but with a new kick. That would probably be because they share the same record label, Madonna's own Maverick Records. Her "new" song is called "All You Wanted". Not only is she easy on the eyes, I think she will be one of the next big up and coming performers. I can't wait to check her out in concert. Check her out here, if this is the first time you are hearing about Michelle.

Did you know that WATER is the fastest growing choice of beverage and is expected to outsell soda pop in the next 10 years? That's right, the same drink that is supposed to be FREE is being charged to us for $1.00 a bottle!! At this rate, I definitely predict us silly humans will be actually buying AIR at your local convenient stores within the next 25 years.

<< This Week's Fortune Cookie Message: "Others appreciate your expressive qualities." Thanks little fortune cookie.. I'm glad to know that people are actually appreciative in reading my thoughts!

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cK's Featured Female
Judge Marlilyn Milian is one of my favs to watch on TV right now. She's fun, very direct and runs a mean court. Marilyn is on The People's Court weekdays dealing with all kinds of lawsuits. As entertaining as she is to watch, she is also quite attractive doing her job. She's a latin mother of 2, who studied law at Harvard but for some odd reason ended up graduating from Georgetown University. What I think seperates her from all the other TV Judges is that unlike Judge Judy, she is actually nice to look at. Unlike Judge Mills Lane, she is still quite young. Unlike any of the other judges on TV, she is representing a latin perspective and doing it on a show that first starting dealing with people's frivilous cases since 1981. Marilyn Milian makes the court atmosphere fun to watch but is argurably very fair.


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What (ahem) team, are you rooting for in the World Cup?
Paraguay- 0%

Uruguay - 0%

Spain- 40%

Mexico- 0%

Germany- 0%

France- 0%

England- 0%

Brazil- 0%

Italy- 20%

World Cup? I'm watching the NBA Finals - 0%

None of them - 20%

Hey! My team is not listed here! - 20%

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