June 24 - July 1, 2003

It's time again for my world famous weekly thought. The place where I tell you everything that is going on in my head and stuff thats happening with me.

Good Luck Strikes cK!
good luck?Earlier this week, I had this dream that I was going to be seeing lots of good luck. I can't say the specifics here, but I woke up really feeling that this dream was going to be true. Anyways, I was so eager to see what the day had in store for me. So as I am leaving the house getting ready for work, I'm there waiting for my uncle and all of a sudden I see this woman, walking with a little limp. As she approached near to me, I said, "hello!". I guess she was happy to have someone to talk to her because after my initial greeting, she wouldn't stop talking. Well, it ended up that she braids hair, and I have been searching all over NYC for a person who can do my hair that is local. This woman is just around the block from my uncle's house. So I guess that's my first sign of good luck.

Later on, I get to work. I get a phone call from my boss at Costco. "Hi Kelvin," my boss said, "how would you like to become supervisor? You'd get more pay, more hours?" What are the odds? So now I get a promotion too? Just last week I was stating how I was contemplating my future here in New York and how I'm still at the same Costco job...what else could be next?

NYC MetrocardI had to leave the Bronx early during the week to get back to Long Island. On my way, I meet a gentlemen and he offers to pay for my bus fare to get to the train station. He said that his Metrocard was going to expire and he offered to use it on me! That's soo cool.. so I got on the bus and got to the station, FOR FREE! (saved $2.00!) When I get to the station, I'm there at the machine putting more credit on my card and then there's a guy on the other side of the turnstile calling to me. I look at him and he tosses me his Metrocard telling me that its the last day for it and I can use it. (SCORE!) So I get on FREE TWICE!

Rolling Stones in Toronto!During the week, I hear about this amazing concert going on in Toronto arranged to boost back tourism after the SARS outbreak scared off so much people. It has the Rolling Stones headlining it, along with other great acts like AC/DC, RUSH, The Guess Who, Justin Timberlake, The Isley Brothers and more! So I know that I have to get tickets. This is like the TORONTO SUPPORT EVENT. So, of course the city being my hometown and all, I must be there. Tickets went on sale on June 27 at 10:00am. The phone lines were jammed, but for some lucky reason at about my 20th try, I got through... and I was connected with the automated TicketMaster voice asking me how many tickets do I want? I couldn't believe it! People in Toronto lined up from the night before and slept outside the ticket office just to get tickets. There I am casually walking with my cell phone and ordering tickets at my leisure! So I bought 3 tickets!

Was all this good luck really just a premonition from my dream, or was it all just coincidence?????


cK's Cousin's Highschool Graduation
cK's Cousin's High School Graduation

cK's Cousins Graduates High School
I was at the Lawrence High School commencement for the 2003 grads. My cousin was there getting the diploma that she worked so hard for. As I was sitting in the audience listening to the valedictorian say his speech, I thought back to that day when I was in in the same place in my grad ceremony wondering how much my life will change once I left high school. What was the future holding for me? What kind of new friends am I going to meet along the way? Now I look at what I have accomplished in that short time I have left high school and wonder if I have done anything important at all? I think I have. Since 1996, I have travelled a great deal and went out to explore the world on my own. Seven years have already passed and I lost a lot of friends and made a bunch of new ones. I think that's why people even go to these ceremonies. Sure their child is in it, and they are there to celebrate, but I think its also a time to look at how far you have come since you left high school. Have you really went out and did all the cool things that you planned to do when you got out? Did you go and grab life by the horns? I think some people haven't even realized that they are out of high school yet. They haven't realized that the prom is over, and probably don't understand that the first summer job you get isn't the one you make a career out of. (ie. Al Bundy) So, if any of you reading this have gotten the realization that its not too late to go out there and make a name for yourself before that high school reunion comes up, then more power to you! If you think that whatever you have amounted to now is what you will always be, I hope that you are happy. Because I feel that happiness comes from the self-realization of success.

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood in High Plains Rider

Before There Was Vin Diesel, There Was Clint Eastwood
When I'm crashing at my uncle's place, he loves to watch the AMC channel. Lately, they been showing a lot of Clint Eastwood's old western movies that made him a legend. The first one that I saw was called, "High Plains Rider". Boy, that movie was something. Clint is like, the baddest guy!! I can see how he developed this cult following when his movies came out. There was another movie I caught a glimpse of called, "Joe Kidd". Clint is ruthless! The only reason I put his name beside Vin Diesel is because when I talk to my little cousins, they have no idea who Eastwood is. They actually said,
"You mean that guy in 'Back To The Future'?"
(In the the third installment of that movie, Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly who called himself, Clint Eastwood.) My little cousins think that Vin Diesel is the baddest guy on the movie screen and he's a cool action hero. Isn't that a disgrace? Vin Diesel being a super action hero? He couldn't even lace Steven Segal's boots! Yes.. and I mean that! That's how low on the meter he really is! Now, a modern action hero since Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten up in the years would be (dare I say) Ben Affleck. (gasp! cK!! What are you saying?) Well, I think that he was great in DareDevil. But isn't that saying the same as all 3 girls playing in Charlie's Angels? Would I be actually saying that Drew Barrymore is an action hero? Oh please!! No way... You can't believe for one second that if you and Drew got into a fight, that she would hurricane kick you through a glass window! Get real. Okay.. so what was my point again? Oh right, action hero...I think that's the problem. Today, we don't have the Harrison Ford's or the Schwarzenegger's, or the (early) Jean Claude Van Damme's. There is a big hole in the entertainment industry where they are searching for a real action hero. I don't want to be biased, but I think that WWE's the ROCK (The Scorpion King) would be a great fit for what movies need today.



Beyonce Knowles At the 3rd Annual BET Music Awards

This is a pic my cousin in Los Angeles sent me of Beyonce at the 3rd Annual BET Music Awards.

Old School (the movie) Now on DVD!
I saw this movie when my friend, JanetPlanet came down from Massachusetts to visit me in New York. That was in March. How is it that in 4 months, the movie is already out on DVD!?!?! Remember when you had a wait about a year for a movie to be released on video after it was in the theatres? Geeez.. Well anyways.. this is one of the most funniest movies you will see. I cried during this movie. Not because I couldn't believe what they showed, but because I was laughing so hard. I remember seeing this in a theatre in Times Sqaure, and the other movie patrons (a very urban crowd) could not contain themselves. They were crying in the theatre as well!

I went to the movie website ( http://www.oldschool-themovie.com ) and I found this really cool and addictive game to play. Its a great way to pass time and just have quick fun. Its based on one of the movie's characters, "Frank The Tank" played by Will Ferrill. What is your objective? You have to run around collecting all the beer at the party before the campus police catch you. All while you are running around naked! Its quite funny and definitely a good few hours of time wasted. So pick up the DVD or just go to the website and waste your time, but at least sometime in your life, see this movie!

Will Ferrill
STREAK-O-MATIC online game
Will Ferrill as "Frank The Tank"

June is a month full of birthdays. I have to send out a special happy birthday to my Dad who celebrated his 50th birthday on the 27th. Happy Birthday to my friend, Pryncessa who celebrated her birthday on the 26th and my friend, Milly celebrating her 25th birthday on the 30th!!

Letters To cK:

Hi, I was surfing around and found your website where you stated a while back (nov of 2002) that you joined BWW. (http://crazykelvin.virtualave.net/wklythght/nov02/1926.html) I have a friend who is getting started with the company right now, and I was wondering if there is anything you can tell me about the company, good or bad. Is it a scam? Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks- Lauren

Lauren, thanks for taking the time to write me. I actually didn't join with BWW. (Britt World Wide) I went to an information meeting and I liked what I heard. Everything about opening your own goods/services business on the internet via their Quixtar.com website. I always wanted to get into selling things online and making some money. They push that idea and make you want to get into it. But that's what the problem was, they were really pushy. The "friendly" person that convinced your friend to join will put on the pressure for 72 hours until they join. They urge you to make a decision in that time because you more opted to make less thought out choices in that time frame. If you don't join in that time, they know that they lost you. But they will still continue to try. I didn't see how me paying Quixtar.com to use their internet services would help me to generate revenue. I'm sure it can be done, and of course, there's SOMEBODY getting rich off of this, right? I chose not to join only because I didn't trust them. I have heard about the different people whose lives have changed for the worse after entering this program. Family and friends turn on them because they can't face them anymore. They rejected their business and took it personally. If you do join, or your friend, please keep me informed as to how your success is going. I would love to hear about it. If you don't join, I'd like to hear why you came to that decision.




If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at: crazykelvin@hotmail.com


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