July 21 - August 1, 2003

It's time again for my world famous weekly thought. The place where I tell you everything that is going on in my head and stuff thats happening with me.

Quick cK Catchup
The past week I have been real busy since arriving to Toronto and doing all the fun activities here. There's so much going on that I'm getting bogged down and unable to constantly update all the great things that I have been doing. So I am going to try and update what I can right remember right now.

JetBlue TV Screen- This picture is courtesy to http://www.boynamedsoo.com
Each Seat Has A TV!
JetBlue Leather Seats - This picture is courtesy of http://pages.wooster.edu
All Leather Seats!
Getting To Toronto:
My flight from New York with JetBlue was one of the most pleasant flights ever. Even though I was placed in a middle seat instead of my usual window seat, I had a really enjoyable flight. The flight crew was fantastic and the actual trip was very fast, we arrived like 20 minutes early. Upon arrival into Buffalo Airport, my plan was to take the shuttle express bus to the bus terminal. After waiting a 20 minutes, I called the automated number for the Buffalo Transit and found out that the shuttle bus didn't operate on Sundays. So I had to take a $23 cab ride to downtown in order to catch my 6:30pm bus to Toronto. I caught my bus and shortly after leaving Buffalo, the bus enters Canadian customs. When I came to declare the 2 bottles of HPNOTIQ that I was bringing over, the customs agents decided to search me totally. They opened my bag completely, read all of my notes in my books and picked through everything with fine comb. After finding nothing, they let me go and get back onto the bus. I was just one of two people who were throughly searched upon coming through customs. I didn't feel angry or anything, the customs guy was really polite and nice. I understand he was just doing his job. Well, our bus was scheduled to arrive at 10:10pm, but the driver (named Helen) informed us that we'd get into Toronto an hour early since we were bypassing the St. Catherine's stop. This was great news for me. I called my cousin, Vanessa and told her to pick me up by Union Station where the bus will be stopping. Upon arrival, I was picked up and then taken to N8's secret PHAT CAVE.

Rare PHoto of the Hidden PHATCAVE!

Arriving At The PhatCave
It was practically tradition for me and my friends to watch wrestling pay per view events once a month when I lived in Toronto. But since I moved away, that tradition has been lost. So, because I happened to be in town the same time as a wrestling show was on, it was a good opportunity to try and catch up. This time, n8 and I watched WWE Vengeance. Even though I was very tired, I still struggled to try and watch the outcomes of the matches. Good thing they repeat the event at midnight so you can watch it over again if you missed anything. That's what I did... but the next day. I was so tired, I fell asleep during half of it.

Regent Park Focus Group Meeting Up With The Old Radio Crew
Tuesday was the day I arranged to meet up with my old radio crew. I used to be on the air during Tuesday nights on CKLN 88.1FM on "Catch Da Flava" Radio. I took a visit to the old studios and met up with all the old faces and friends that I left 3 years ago. I couldn't believe how much things have changed. The ghetto studio that I was used to working in (no headphones, no working turntables or soundboard) have all been updated. All new equipment and quality stuff. Why did it all have to come when I left!??! Don't answer that question. Well it was nice to catch up with the old radio gang. There was actually a show happening that evening with the topic being about Caribana, but I already made prior engagements to meet up my friends, Darcy and Pearl-Leah for dinner. After a brief walk through the Yonge/Dundas area of Toronto, I stopped by the Flow 93.5FM studios to pick up some tickets to their boat cruise on Sunday. $45! Can you believe that? They better be giving away gold bars to everyone boarding! Well, I hope I have a good time. After getting the tickets, I journey on the TTC to Rexdale to see Darcy and Pearl-Leah. They made me a very scrumptious lasagna to eat while watching "Not Another Teen Movie". Later in the evening, The BIG BLACK MACHINE came by and we all looked through high school year books to reminisce on those crazy times. After chilling out, TBBM took me to the Famous Players in Richmond Hill to try and meet up with N8 so we could catch the 10:45pm showing of Bad Boys 2. Apparently N8 got there a little earlier and found out that show was sold out. The only other movie showing was Tomb Raider 2. So we decided to see that. TBBM had to work the next day, so he cutted out. N8 and I ended up watching the movie by ourselves. It was entertaining. Some inconsistencies in the movie, but still fun to watch.

cK At The Rolling Stones Concert
cK With Over 450,000 Others To Support Toronto

cK and N8 Go To See Rolling Stones
It was an event that will be talked about for years to come. The concert of the decade, and I was there! I'm not really a concert goer, but when it came to a benefit concert to promote coming to Toronto in light of the past SARS warnings, I had to show my support to the city from whence I came from. N8, my cousin Lesia and her boyfriend, Jon all went and hoped to meet up other friends there. In the huge crowd of over 450,000 people, we found the beer gardens, got free bottled waters and listened to The Guess Who, AC/DC and eventually the Rolling Stones. We skipped the performances from 12pm and arrived for the 5pm ones. We missed Justin Timberlake, but he came on with Mick Jagger and they did a duo. The event was off the chain. It was crazy and I can't believe how well behaved everyone was. The abundance of Metro Toronto Police gave me a sense of security. Getting to the concert there was no problem. It was smooth. Upon leaving however, was tiresome. We had to walk from Downsview Park, all the way to Keele and Wilson to catch a bus. That was a crazy walk and a long wait. We we just about to take a cab to where we had parked, but we saw a fleet of empty buses eventually coming. So we got on them for $2.25 and returned to the car. A fantastic night and ended well.

Meeting Up With Family, Friends and Classmates
Thursday was a day I spent the majority of time in Rexdale, the area where I grew up. I walked around the Albion Mall and bought some stuff. As I was walking around, I happened to bump into a girl from the days of my riding on my BMX bicycle. I was about 7 or 8 then when I would ride my bike to Joanna and Patrick's house around my neighbourhood. (circa 1984) I haven't seen her for ages, until last year around this EXACT same time n8 and I were at a gas station fueling the car when she was right across from me when I recognized her. Johanna has the same facial features from the little girl I used to play with around my area. Anyways, we chatted for a little and she told me that she's getting married next year. (darn! another one got away!) We exchanged information and planned to see each other again.

I then took the bus to the 400/Finch area where my cousin's have a Chinese Restaurant. It's called Caymen's Restaurant where they serve "a Unique Chinese Cuisine With A Guyanese Touch". (750 Oakdale Road, Units 6-7) They fed me some good spicy shrimp dinner that I would recommend to anyone who is in the area. After touching base with my cousins, they were kind enough to drive me back to Rexdale.

Later on, I was meeting up with my friend since elementary school, Shery. She was going to meet me up at Albion Mall. She called me on my cell phone to meet her outside. As I went outside, I saw a black car with a guy pointing at me from inside of it. The car window rolled down and it was my old friend, Mandeep from my junior school days! I couldn't believe it. We quickly exchanged numbers. I then found where Shery was parked. I was so happy to see her. We decided to take a walk at Woodbine Centre and catch up on old times there. We took a little stroll through the mall's indoor amusement park, Fantasy Fair. It was like being a kid again. We went to the food court and got something to eat since we were starving. As we talked and caught up on each other's lives, I had an idea for her to see another one of our old friends that I haven't seen in a while. So we drive on over and visit our old schoolmate, Moe. We all chilled out in front of her house reflecting on the past and talking about people we haven't seen in years. That was really cool. I had so much fun doing that.

Friday, Moe came over and picked me up as we drove together downtown so she could get some information on a job posting. After that, we took a walk in the Eaton Centre. While we were walking in there, my friend, Jerome and his girlfriend, Angela bumped into me. Jerome and I were in the 9th Grade together and still remain friends. We exchanged contact info and planned to meet up for some of the Caribana festivities. Moe and I went to the Food Court where we got a bite to eat. As we ate, my friend, Sondra came up and met me there with her pal, Lesley. I walked Moe back to her car and bid her farewell. I came back to meet Sondra and then we journeyed back to Etobicoke where she had a BBQ at her house.

Then there was the CARIBANA Weekend! Continue to PART 2...

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