CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for Jan. 14 to Jan. 21, 2002

So after my 2 week hiatus where I was in Canada and terribly ill, I'm now back to bring in the new year of 2002.

What is on my mind? Hmmmm.... Let's see.. well...
I'm surprised that Bin Laden is STILL not found as of yet... even though there's that $25 million reward looming over his head. Nobody is even giving a tip? That's hard to believe.

Ford Motor Company lays off 35,000 jobs! ENRON is going bankrupt! The Miami Dolphins are out of the Playoffs?!?!?! Man.. what a way to start a new year. It seems that the economy is really failing. Companies are desperately trying to regain from their losses after September 11 and it seems that some are surviving and many are filing for Chapter 11. What about me? How am I affected? Well I am upgrading my computer skills taking Microsoft Networking courses to upgrade myself and job stability. I'm still struggling and not living the surplus life I was living in the first half of 2001.. (wow.. those were some good times..) But everything happens for a reason. I was at the top of a financial hill and now I'm just going down the slope, there will be another surplus hill coming sometime.

Anyways... I have some new plans coming for, and I hope I get them done soon! Until next week...

All the best,


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