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[ Thought for February 25 - March 4, 2003 ]

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* * *NEWSFLASH!!* * *
Bronx, NY - CrazyKelvin was arrested while in the 169th and Jerome Ave. of the Bronx in New York City this past Friday. cK was taken to the 44th precinct and was held in lockup with members of the various gangs in the area. Along with cK was his partner-in-crime known as, "Eazy E." Nobody was comment as to what the pair was charged with, but it definitely caught the attention of the police sergeant who insisted that cK and Eazy E. be arrested. Officer Marc Gard, who was one of their arresting officers, did mention that, "...if it was up to me, I would have let them go. But the sergeant was there and I had to arrest them." There was no further comments from him. cK and Eazy E. have recently been let go from jail and are now back on the streets.

All Jokes Aside, the REAL Story
Just 4 days after my 25th birthday, I was arrested in the Bronx for a frivilous crime. People who do know me, know I don't smoke, (weed or tobacco) or even desire hookers. So why would I be arrested by the police in the Bronx at 3pm in the afternoon? I can't tell you the exact charge here on my site, but I can tell you what happened once I was arrested.

It was me and my co-worker, Eric, who actually just went to get some gyros to eat. Somehow, we saw some officers, and then that was it. We were arrested and taken into police custody. I was very co-operative with the police and was taken in to be processed. Once the cops took me to the front desk, the officer there looked at the two of us, (Eric and I) and noticed that we were of West Indian decent. We also were still dressed in our office outfits. The officer there behind the desk asked me,

"Hey, let me guess. You are from Guyana or Trinidad, right?"
I answered,"My parents are, but I'm born in Canada."
"Same I know about you guys."

I don't know what he was trying to say. But that stuck with me. What about "us guys"? What is that supposed to mean anyways? Shortly after that, both Eric and I were taken into another room and then ordered to give up our jackets, our belts and shoelaces. They took all my possessions like my cellphone and ID and then put us into a cell with 21 other guys. Eric and I laughed as we walked in there. I found it hilarious that we were being locked up. Everyone who was in the jail previous to us noticed that the officers were not being rough with us and being very polite. It got the other prisoners wondering. When I walked into the cell, I didn't know what I was getting into. This is a temporary holding cell, but you can be stuck here for up to 72 hours.

One of the guys, a black guy who stood about 5'8" who looked like he's been in there for a while, got up and looked at me. He then examined me and asked,
"Yo! Are you GUYANESE or something?"
I replied, "Ya.. I am!"
Then he said, "Damn! I know about you!! You guys are some bad mutha*uckas!!!"

He then took some steps back as did some of the guys surrounding him. I was suprised. I didn't know what kind of rep I already had. Anyways, the jail cell was filled with guys who were just busted for ridiculous charges. Such as driving with suspended licenses, guys carrying weed, guys attempting to buy weed, criminal tresspassing, and then there were some guys who actually deserved to be in there for assault and theft stuff.

Usually, processing takes about 45 minutes to an hour. That's where the police at that station scan your fingerprints and then send them to the state capital of Albany. But, of course this is my luck we are talking about, it can't just work that simple. Apparently, the police are having trouble with their scanning machine. It wasn't scanning correctly and wasn't sending it to Albany. On top of that, the entire state was down because the office in Albany's computers were down. So even when the police sent the prints, they had to wait forever to get acknowledgements back.
44th Precinct of NYPD
44th Precinct-where cK was taken to

So its about 6pm now and Eric calls our boss to tell him that we aren't coming back to work today. According to the officers present, they said after we had our fingerprints scanned, it would just take about an hour for it to be processed and we'd be out. So I took that time and guessed that we'd be out by 10pm. All we had to do was occupy that time.

So there we are sitting in the jail cell with a whole bunch of other guys. Then all of a sudden, we all hear the police radio on one of the officers outside our cell reporting some trouble on the fourth floor. From our cell all of us climbed on the bars to see what looked like the whole police precinct emptying out and going after someone. From the limited view we could make out from our jail cell, all of us saw what could have been the New York Marathon except this was all cops! There was one lone officer left to look after us. Other inmates were asking for water or wanting to know what happened outside. The officer totally didn't care and treated us like we were dirt. Honestly, I was sickened by what I saw.

I could talk all about each individual story of every cellmate that was there, but I don't have the time. So I'll just talk about one guy and hurry my story up.

After a while, the all the police that went out on that call that used all those cops returned. They walked in with this guy and brought him into our jail cell. He looked mean and angry. A black guy with corn rolls and long braids. Dark skin and a husky build. He entered the jail cell looking so mad and very unapproachable. Where everyone enters in this cell, they have to pass Eric and I. So when he entered, I asked him, "Whatcha in for?" He then for some reason eased up and felt welcomed, so he told us his that his ex girlfriend got him arrested for XXXXXXX . She told the police that he also had a knife. What is really messed up about this story is that he was at HIS HOME. The girl came to his house and then called the police. He said of how so many officers pulled off SWAT techniques coming up to the 4th floor window via the fire escape and trying to get in. The guy saw the cops and took off on a foot chase. They eventually got him and then brought him right into the jail cell with us. I really felt sorry for this guy. He was setup and wrongly charged. But he couldn't do anything.

Well, 10 o'clock rolls around. Then nothing. I really didn't think we were getting out. Then at midnight, they took my fingerprints AGAIN which meant I was guaranteed to say there for another hour more. Then... I waited.

...1 o'clock

...2 o'clock

...3 o'clock

...4 o'clock

...5 o'clock

...6 o'clock

...7 o'clock

...8 o'clock

...9 o'clock

By 9:30am my Arresting Officer came to my cell and told me that my file was returned from Albany. I was now free to go. Eric's file (who had his fingerprints done 2 hours before me) did not come back yet. So I asked if I could stay in a lobby or something to wait around for Eric. The officer told me that I better just go. So I went back to the office and waited for Eric. I waited, and waited.. and WAITED. Finally around 3:30pm, Eric comes into the office. I was sooo relieved. Now we both got out and had to explain to everyone what two nice guys like us were doing in JAIL!!?!

Anyways, I couldn't tell you the whole story here. But I held my own in lockup. I was in the WORST jail in NEW YORK CITY, the BRONX jail and I earned the respect of my cellmates. In the time I was waiting for my file to return from Albany, I slept on the dirty, concrete floor. I didn't bother to ask to go to the bathroom and I had to BUY water for a dollar. I met some real crazy guys in jail, but also made some cool new friends. I don't ever want to go back to jail because its not the people behind the bars that you have to worry about, its the people who put you in there in the first place that you should be afraid of.

I was actually considering joining the NYPD or the Miami-Dade Police when they advertised saying that they are hiring more police officers. But now I am totally sickened by the system. Whatever you hear on TV about the NYPD is true. I can't say they are all scumbags, but I can say that the ones I ran into have no regard for human life. They don't. They looked at you like you are nothing. No matter how nicely you are dressed, or what you do for a living. It all boils down to one thing. COLOR. I always try to walk away from any race issues, because I don't think that all people are racist. But the cops I met definitely were. There was not ONE white person in when I was in there. I'm not saying that there should have been. Its just that I found it quite odd. Plus, the minute I walked into the precinct, my ethnicity was already an issue. I'm sickened by the system and can't wait to fight this in court on April 14th.

cK Goes to Nassau Coliseum WWE RAW --- with his AUNTIE!!!!!
Okay, so I had to treat myself out to do anything fun and get the whole being arrested thing off my mind. Then I heard a commercial that the WWE (formerly WWF) was coming to Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY. I figured that it would be fun and I could make it up to myself since I didn't go with n8 Dogg the previous week when it was in Toronto. So I called my aunt and asked her if she wanted to come with me. She did and she also wanted to bring my cousins, Deva (18), Andrew (15), Vicky (12), and Sunil (9). I got tickets for $15 each! I thought that to be a real bargain considering the event. But I found out I got what I paid for. The night was filled with promos and establishing storylines instead of a lot of fighting. But... what did I really expect? The main event for the night was Stone Cold Steve Austin's return since he walked out on the WWE. It was also the ROCK's first appearance on the RAW program, which is a big shock since he left his own Thursday show, Smackdown. They eventually met face to face at the end of the night. They exchanged some words and then threw some punches. It didn't last long and before you knew it, it was over. I was pretty excited at the beginning to see the World Champion on RAW, Triple H come out and talk to Booker T about their match at Wrestlemania X9. I like Triple H, he's a villian, and I can relate to them. So besides my little cousins getting evil looks from my aunt when they said, "YOU SUCK!", the night was pretty cool. I remember when my dad took me to see my first wrestling event back when I was about 6 or 7. Man, wrestling was much different back then. It was accepted by everyone. Today, its popular, but also looked down upon if you mention it. People don't want to admit they are fans until they hear that someone else reveals that they are. I guess that's the same thing with weed and some miscellaneous drugs. Anyways, I had a good time at the event and I'm glad that I have the freedom to go to such things.

All the best,

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