CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for February 11 to Feb. 18, 2002

So this week is Valentines Day Week. I don't think that I've EVER had a Valentine on Valentine's Day. Isn't that sad. For some reason, I'll have some relationship with a girl, and just before February comes around, then something between that girl and I fall out. Well, I wish those who have Valentines, to have a good one.

Okay, time for Kelvin's Weekly Thought:
Right now the most biggest issue on my mind is what should I do come April 30, 2002? You see, my lease at my studio apartment ends that day. I'm still deciding if I should extend my lease and continue living in Miami, or should start planning to move back to Toronto?

Why is this even a hard decision? Well you see its like this....
I left Toronto in January 2001 to get away from Girlfriend X, my parents, and start a new life away from the hectic, stressful one in Canada. I came to a new city where I knew nobody and started a more relaxed and easy going life. Since then, my studio apartment that comfortably fits me is now accomodating 2. My brother and I. My brother was mysteriously dropped off one day at my place because he wasn't co-operating with them at their house. But since he's moved here, he has been a total inconvenience. He doesn't work, he doesn't care. All he does is play video games all day and occupies space.

I can't even bring over any friends to my place because we are gonna "disturb" him. I loved living in my quaint studio apartment, but now I have to find any reason to get out of it. I moved my job to work at home. Now I can't get anything done because I can't concentrate with him being there. I find this so ridiculous and I'm totally stressed about it.

Anyways, my friend Shelley and her 2 other friends are STILL coming NEXT WEEK here to visit me. It's gonna be great. I just wish that I had the EXTRA couch.

So now you should kind of see why I want to leave here. If you still don't understand why I'm thinking of leaving Miami all together, its because my parents moved down 3 hours from where I live. And my brother looks like he's gonna still just invite himself into whatever apartment I have here. If I go back to Toronto, I'll be away from my parents and my brother and live in a smaller place with a roomate. THERE! That'll teach em!

All the best,


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Hey u Miamians, stop it. U nah know de problemz de bhai haf ovah dere. Lef 'im. Let 'im come home. I need to make up for lost cuff time. --- Kelvin it's too bad u never tell ur T.O. friends about ur site. Oh wait, is only Miami chat friends who vote. shux. Lef 'im, Lef 'im me say. Hahahaha, I can ramble on and on, on ur site. How come noone else likes to abuse this part? uhh ummm... go visit me ... Kelvins gr8est nemesis, the Champion ... nwo n8 Dogg at --- just higlight it and paste it in or go my section on this blasted guys site. heh. Come back to T.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.

-nWo n8 dogg

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