CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for February 4 to Feb. 11, 2002

This past weekend I was invited to go ice skating with Liza and Brian. But for all of you who don't know, I live in MIAMI! It doesn't snow here! The temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit! Well, Floridian have to make an indoor arena to go ice skating. I would like to tell everyone that I did go ice skating, but when given the directions, I got lost. So I just ended up meeting my friends for dinner.

Alright, time for CK's Weekly Thought:
Last week's Thought had received a lot of responses of individuals who had strong expressions about the subject of religion. I could continue that subject but that is not what is on my mind this week.

No.. this week I have some drama to discuss.
In January, my dear friend in London, England (who is also an ex-girlfriend) called me up and told me that she was planning on coming down to visit me. Let's name her Girlfriend X. Girlfriend X said that she would like to visit me during her school break the week of February 16 to the 23. I said that would be fine. I have no major plans for then. The next day, my dear friend in Windsor, Ontario named Shelley (my main dancing partner in Toronto) called me and said that she's coming down to visit me. She told me that she was coming down the week of February 24 to March 2.

Seeing that there is no conflicts, I told her that its okay to come at that time. Girlfriend X calls me a week later to confirm with me what date she should come down, I told her that my friend Shelley is coming the LAST WEEK of February, so DO NOT book your ticket for then. She said, "okay."

Where do you think I'm going with this?
Yes. Girlfriend X calls me a week later to tell me that she booked her ticket from February 23 to March 2. Being in the position I'm in, what do I say? I told her that she had to change her ticket somehow. My friend Shelley will be furious. So... I called Shelley.. and I told her the deal. Shelley was not going to hear it. I called back Girlfriend X and told her to call Shelley and explain why she booked her ticket during Shelley's week.. it did not end in any comprimise.

In the end, Girlfriend X cancelled her trip entirely even though I could find her earlier flights. I could tell she was heartbroken.But still, how was I supposed to handle this? I was clear with my schedule yet Girlfriend X has the impression that I "chose" someone else over her. This is such a difficult subject to handle. Maybe if I wasn't so honest and just said from the beginning that the last week of February I'll be out of the city. Maybe I could have avoided all of this.

Well, February is still looking to be an interesting month as well as 2002 is looking to be quite an interesting year. You can be sure to catch all the photos that will be taken at the Kelvin Birthday BBQ and Pool Party in a few weeks!! Everyone is definately invited!

All the best,


  Weekly Thought Archives/Responses

Hey i read ur thought for the day or was it week.. anyways.. SHITTY deal.. usually ppl like to hear the truth.. if i was ur ex... (was it ur ex who said she ain't coming??) anyways.. i wouldn't have made a big deal outta it.. since technically I am ur ex.. not ur GF! Rite?? Girls have this tendency to think that even though they are not going out with this guy anymore.. they still have a leash on his life ..... As for her actions, I think it was immature.. Ask her if should would feel comfortable with u hanging out with her and ur friend at the same time.. Would she feel comfortable??? I DON"T THINK SO! Would she feel comfortable if u lied and told her ur outta town and she found out u really weren't?? I mean u told the truth.. I give u credit for that. and she shouldn't be upset if ur hanging out with ur friend.. she has no rite to be.. u can't put ur life on hold for her... And another thing.. she should be happy that ur even able to have time for her.. with UR BUSY PERSONAL LIFE... WOW! She's lucky ur giving her a week of ur time! SHE MUST BE REALLY SPECIAL!

Surrey, B.C.

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A Poll Was Conducted And the Results Were:
Have both girls come at the same time - 18%
Let only Girlfriend X come - 0%
Let only Shelley come - 18%
Cancel Both Friends from coming - 27%
Leave Town - 36%