CrazyKelvin's Weekly Thought for December 3 - December 10, 2001

What is the deal with the huge fascination of Motorola 2 Way Pagers in all these rap videos?!? Maybe 10 years ago, these neat little devices would be the craze, but really now.. how much better are they than your cell phone? Anyways, people can buy whatever they want. They are free to do so.

Coming soon is a movie I can't wait to see... I am a big fan of parody movies. It's "Not Another Teen Movie". (No.. that's the name of the movie!!) Sure it's not going to win an Oscar or some Golden Globe, but I don't think thats what they were aiming for. I like movies that point fun at other movies. It's no wonder that one of my fav movies of all time is "Spaceballs". Also, what also makes "Not Another Teen Movie" more interesting is that its rated "R". That means only people my age and older are going to the cinemas to view it. Or.. that's what we are supposed to believe. I know that some 15 year olds are still going to find there way in there. Oh well.. I guess when I was 15 I'd want to see it too.

It's already the CHRISTMAS month!! I can't believe it. It was about a year ago around this time where I had the idea to move to Miami. And here I am still here!!! Yes.. I do miss Toronto very much. But for a person who moved away to a new country/city.. I've been back to "home" about 6 times for the year already. I might still make another trip before the year is over.

I added my weekly favourite top 5 music tracks section on this site lately.You can view it here.


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