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[ Thought for April 22 - May 20, 2003 ]

Greetings cK Fans!!

Welcome to 2003 and my weekly thought. Where I have a lot to say about pop culture and state my world famous opinion on life.

The People of New York vs. cK - TAKE TWO!!
I have been really bad at updating this particular page only because I have been so busy! But let me get the most important story out of the way. I was in court again on May 5th because the last time, they made me reschedule. My partner who was arrested with me on February 28th, was let off. I was hoping for the same fate. Did I get it? Well, yes. I did. After spending the entire day in court, the judge found me innocent. So now since I was wronged, the next step is to get back at the cops who did this to me. No no.. this is not a threat. I just have to take them to court, because I lost a job and respect of the community for all the humiliation I went through. So yes, cK is FREE!!!

cK at Webster Hall NYC!
I wasn't planning on going, but my friend, Johanna called me up and really wanted to go out dancing. How could I say no to a female?? So I got ready and we decided to go to the world famous Webster Hall in New York City. I was there once before in March of 2001 where I was introduced to it by my cousin, Rosie. I always wanted to go back. This time, I came as a resident, not a tourist! Johanna also brought along her friend, Karla. Both of these girls looked great and I was on a high walking into the place with the both of them. We immediately went downWebster Hall NYC to the lower level but found it very humid and uncomfortable. So we ventured up to the highest floor in search of the latin room. I was not aware that there was one. Out of the 6 rooms that the place had, I didn't ever see that door that said "Latin" above it. Probably because the last time I was very comfy in the hip hop room and 80's room and didn't feel to explore more at that time. If you have never been to the world famous Webster Hall Nightclub, then expect the following things:

1. It's in New York City, so its MADDD Expensive. I paid $30 to get in only because it was just minutes after 12am.

2. There are a lot of different sexual orientations there, so don't feel awkward. Everyone came to dance and have fun too.

3. There's something for everyone. Whatever your music taste is, you will find it here and be partying with others.

cK in Greenfield, Massachusetts!
So the following Monday after going to Webster Hall, I decided to test out myZipcar - Beetle Brandon ZIPCAR membership. Zipcar is pretty much cars provided for people when they need them. Its like having your car at any time you need it without paying the crazy cost of actually owning a car. So the car that was lent to me was a 2002 Volkswagon Beetle in Lime Green. Each ZipCar has a name. Mine was named, Beetle Brandon. So I picked it up and drove from NYC to Massachusetts. The original plan was to drive up and meet my friend, JP, and then we'd head out to Six Flags in Springfield, MA. The only problem is that SixFlags didn't switch to being open during the week yet. So JP and I had to chill around Greenfield.

So where does one go in a one horse town? Actually we went to a lot of places. The first thing we did was meet up with my good friend, Nayana, who I haven't seen in like 3 years. We went to Applebee's where we had dinner. After that, we went back to Nayana's place where her fiancee, Mike was chillin and watched some of "Mr. Personality" on Fox. It was my first time watching it and it was very interesting. I think even more entertaining when you are watching it with a group of friends.

Poet's Seat TowerJP and I left Nayana's place and drove to a Greenfield landmark. Its called Poet's Seat Tower. A place I haven't been to since 1999! The only difference about this trip to the tower was that it was at night! Ooooohhh!! Scary! You have a spectacular view during the day, but at night, its just as cool! Mysterious even. JP and I climbed to the top of the tower and chilled out in the night breeze and watched the evening sky littered with stars. Just gorgeous.

After leaving the Tower, JP took me to a place called, Taylor's on Main Street. Its a local bar where many of the town people meet. I remember getting some drinks, one was my first SKYY Vodka Martini, and the other was most likely a White Russian. Just as we were about to order some more, it was 1am and the bar was closing. CLOSING!?!? At 1am!??!!? Well, that's how it is!

The next day, JP and I drove out to Holyoake, Massachusetts so we could go to the Holyoake Mall. We ended up spending most of our time there at a place called "KAHUNAVILLE". This place seems like a Chuck E. Cheese's for adults. Mixed with a little bit of leftover animitronic animals from the RAIN FOREST CAFE and voila! JP and I played some of the most cheesiest games just for fun. But what I will always remember was playing this rafting game. I think its created by Konami. Well, I've always played it and could never extend my time. But with JP, not only did we qualify and extend our time to advance to the next level, but we WON the game! AND got the highest score!! Amazing!!

The last part of the day was spent going to see Nayana at her job in a restaurant off the Mohawk Trail. The place was really nice and snazzy. Quiet and luckily for us it wasn't busy. I just ordered a soup and some white zinfadel wine to go with our appetizers. JP and I had a great time and I was also moved when I received a gift from Nayana before I left. Its this cute little stuffed dog. I don't know if I'm doing to name it yet, but I've been meaning to. Thanks Nayana!! And Thanks to you to, JP for showing me a great time!

cK Extends Stay in NYC
Late last week, a tentative deal was made with me and my employer to stick around for at least 8 more months in New York. This includes training and certifications with the IRS. To celebrate, my co-worker, Shelly decided to take me out for some drinks. Needless to say, cK got quite high. Shelly knew what to give me. We went out to a little latin bar on 170th Street/Jerome in the Bronx. Shelly got me 1 Corona and then 1 Tequila shot. I protested about the Tequila but eventually gave in and then consumed the Tequila. 2 more Coronas later, I was very high. I did have fun though and look forward to another little "after-work" party. Thanks, Shelly!

All the best,

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