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[ Thought for April 8 - 22, 2003 ]

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Welcome to 2003 and my weekly thought. Where I have a lot to say about pop culture and state my world famous opinion on life.


Not Guilty! That was the plea and on April 14th, Evil E. was dismissed of all charges in Bronx County Criminal Court. Now, what about CrazyKelvin? Well it went like this:

The court time was set for 9:30am, so I got on the Long Island train at 7:17am. Everything was going pretty good. Evil E. called me and told me that I should get off at Jamaica Station and meet up with him so we could travel together. I told him that I already paid the fare to take me to Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, so we will have to meet up in the Bronx. When I got to Penn Station, I took the E Train and planned to get off at Lexington/51st Station so I can transfer to a 4 Train. Just one more stop before I get to where I'm supposed to transfer, the train conductor person comes on the public address system and says that this E train will NOT be stopping at Lexington/51st station between the hours of 7:30am and 9:30am.
WHAT!??!?!?!?!?! That's when I need to be there!!!!! So I had to get off one stop early and think how am I going to find my way around to the 4 Train. After getting lost on the system and going around in circles, I finally got to a 4 Train an hour later. By the time I reached the courthouse, it was about 9:30am. There was this huge cK at Bronx Court House

line up of people waiting to pass the security check. You think that this was the airport or something. So after 20 minutes in line, I get through security and then ask the first court officer I see where courtroom "AR2" is located. He then says,

"Oh, that court is on the other side of the street..."

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??! Noooooooooooooo!!! I wasted all that time and I was at the wrong court house?!?! Ohmygosh... I'm soooo finished!!! There might already be a warrant for my arrest now since I didn't even make it to court!!

So I run across the street and go to where the next courthouse is. I see that there is even a bigger line outside of people waiting to get in!! So I get in line. I have no choice. 25 minutes later, I finally get in. After going past the security check, I ask the court officer what are my realistic chances for making a 9:30am court time? He tells me in a robotic tone of voice:

"I understand that the judge cannot see everyone today, so please go to room M-28 to reschedule."

Reschedule?!?! For what??!? I don't wanna come back! If the judge can see me today, I'll wait! So I go directly to my assigned courtroom of "AR2". When I get there, I see there is this huge line of people outside. Amongst the huge line, I see Eric! He was there waiting all the time too to get in. He tells me to hand my D.A.T. (Desk Appearance Ticket) to the court officer at the front of the line. I go and do that. The time is ticking away. I have never seen such an unorganised court system in my life! They schedule like 100 people to be at court for a 9:30am appointment!! Of course only a percentage of people will be seen today... and what about the others who took off work or something to be here? They will have to reschedule for another court date. I met a lady in line who has rescheduled like 4 times and has never seen a judge yet!

Even when I was living in Miami and went to traffic court, if you had a case, your name was assigned to a particular time. Much more organised than the crap up here in New York. So the court officer calls out Eric's name. Him and I have the same case number, so I try to go in the same time. The court officer keeps me from going in with him and he sees the judge alone. I knew that if I didn't see the judge now, they were gonna make me reschedule for another time. I wanted to avoid the extra paperwork and taxpayers time/money if I just see the judge NOW. They didn't want to hear it. Eventually, a court officer returned my DAT and told me to go to room M-28 and reschedule my court date.

I waited for Eric outside to tell him that I won't be in court today, when he came out, he told me that the judge dismissed the case! Well, his case. I still have to see a judge because they are trying us seperately. Next court date, May 5! Keep posted for the story....

cK Makes Appearance In Miami
One of the main reasons that I haven't updated as frequently as I could have been, was because I was back in Florida visiting family and surprising my friend, Liza on her birthday.
It was really great to see the whole Miami Family once again. (Kevin, Chris, Jolene, Sarah, Marlon, Linette, Brian, Ali) Everytime I come back, its just crazy! So much partying, so many clubs to go to... ahhhh.... its nice being young.
Well, that wasn't the case for Liza as we all held a surprise birthday party for her at Club Deep in South Beach. She turned 22. We partied the night away and then more. Needless to say, her breath was taken away when she saw me. She had no idea there was going to be a party for her, and that cK would be there! It was definitely one of those moments.

The next day was supposed to be a beach day for me. I didn't get to do that because the entire day it rained in Miami. That really messed up my plans. So I had to wait for the night for any fun. In the evening I took out Liza for a birthday dinner at one of my favourite places to eat in Miami. Its at the Marriott Hotel on Biscayne Bay. I used to take everyone that visited me to there. Very subtle, and reserved. I met my friend, Yoly who works there. She was the first person I met when I came there and is the reason I have come back ever since.

Before we left, I asked for some dessert. Possibly an ice cream for Liza. Yoly went the extra mile and got a huge banana split sundae with a candle in it. The entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday to Liza. It was sooo cool and I can't thank the staff at the Biscayne Bay Marriott enough.

After eating, I took Liza to my old building where there is a Jazz Lounge at the bottom called "Sax On the Beach". It's a great place to chill out. So Liza and I had some drinks, and met this lady named, Randi. She obviously had some drinks before us and was very captivated by my hair. She wouldn't stop pulling it and touching it. She was asking if Liza and I were models or something, but we denied it. Well, Randi told me that she'd take my resume and see if she could find me a job at her company. We left later and headed out to the South Beach strip.

I took Liza to a very low-key place called TANTRA. Its a hidden club on Pennsylvania Avenue. I paid $20 to get in, but if I knew I was coming there before, I would have gotten reservations and spent like $5. Oh well. We got in there and immediately asked the bartender if he had HPNOTIQ. They said they didn't. So we had to settle for Hennessey and Coke. I didn't want it, but oh well...

Liza and I grooved to the the trance music they played as a live electronic drummer accompanied the mesmorizing vibes. The club was getting empty so Liza and I decided to hop to another club. We walked up the very busy Washington Avenue and stumbled across a place called KRAVE. The time was like 3am. I asked the bouncer what time was the club closing and how much to get in? In his dark sunglasses he told me that the club closes at 4:45am and its $20 for ladies and $30 for gentlemen. I looked and Liza and said that its pointless to pay $50 for one hour and a half of dancing. So just as we were about to leave, another guy from behind him rushes to us and gives us 2 free tickets to go in. That was REAL cool. So we got in. The place was banging! DJ KHALEED was playing live! It was mostly hip hop/rnb playing in there as we again persisted for HPNOTIQ. The bar said they didn't have it. So I asked the bar dude, "What can I get like it?" He told me to wait while he conjured something up. So 3 minutes later, he gives me 2 orange looking drinks. I taste it and it was almost close to the HPNOTIQ flavour! It was good! I asked him what was the drink called? He told me it was called a "Montgomery Muthaf***er".

Shortly after dancing a little, the night drew to a close... I had a blast with Liza and hope that I made her birthday special.

Kelvin and Kevin At Miami Bayside
I can't thank enough my friends, Kevin and Chris (and especially PEARL) for letting me stay with them when I came down to Miami. They kept the whole "Kelvin-Coming-Down" thing very hush hush which led to a successful surprise for Liza. On one of my last days spent in Miami, Kevin and I went to Miami Bayside to chill out and take a walk. We saw a live Brasilian Band playing, and lots of girls.. oh my was ballistic! Lots of cool shops and food eateries. I even ended up buying this shirt I saw the last time I came to Florida in December but put off. This time I had to get it before I forgot about it.

Kevin and I rode the Metro-Mover that when I used to take, was $0.25. That was cheap as it was and I had no complaints. Now, when I went to take it, they lowered to fare to... get this: FREE! Its not even one of those specials of the week. The fare has been free since October! Wow!

Kelvin in MICKEY-Town
I usually regret coming to BORE-lando, but this time I did enjoy myself. I spent some time chillin' at my parents place and seeing my local Orlando tour guide, Deidra. If there's anything to know about Orlando, she's the one to ask. I also spent one day with my dad driving around Orlando in his Mack Truck. When you take a ride with a truck driver, you see the background of Orlando that you don't get with the tourist maps . That was really a cool learning experience. I didn't go to Disney or Universal or anything, only because I didn't want to. But maybe when I do go back, I may hit the Universal City Walk.

All the best,

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